Thursday, April 03, 2014

Gluten is in what?

Because I like traditions, I am once again sick during race week; specifically SF RNR half race week.  Last year I didn't have a voice during this race and it looks like we might be headed in that direction again.  Sleep has been fairly non-existent since I've been up coughing up a lung the last few nights, so I am super cranky, sick and tired.  Good times for everyone around me.

<End bitching scene>

I called my doctor to see if I could try and stop this half marathon virus before it started.  While on the phone he mentioned a test I need to get done (it's no biggie just based on family history) and have been putting off for sometime.  Here is what followed:

Doc: You know you have to schedule said test
Me: Okay fine let's put it on the calendar
Doc: Depending on the results I may recommend a gluten free or dairy free diet
Me: Gluten huh? Well I don't really know much about it but I could definitely stand to eat less carbs so maybe that wouldn't be the worst thing (complete dismissal of the dairy mention was not unintentional)
Doc: Yeah there are some great alternatives these days so it's not too bad, except for the beer part
VERY long pause
Me: There is Gluten in beer?  We're going to have to talk about this later

I had NO idea.  Granted I don't know a lot anything about healthy eating but how do you GF'ers do it?  It seems to be all the rage right now. Hence why I question it. But I thought it was just white flour stuff (technical term.)  You know, just don't eat the entire baguette and all the pasta like I currently do.  But beer? Prior to this I was not really concerned about the test but now that clean bill of health it top priority.  Football season, post-races and trips home to Bend depend on it.

March Stats:
Running: 60 Miles
Spinning: 42 Miles
Weights: 45 min
Yoga: 3 Hours
Abs: LJ Abs Challenge
Total: 102 Miles

Recovery month indeed.  My goal is to beat every category in April.  Sunday's race is very hilly so I am looking to take it easy and come in under 2:05.  Initially I was hoping for another sub 2 but with sickness + a wonky right knee still, I'll be happy with a 2:05.  Based on my mileage lately, I am going to have to work hard for even that.  Good news is it's going to be 75 and sunny!   If anyone is going to be at the expo tomorrow, come by the Zooma Race Series booth.  Kristine and I will be there holding down the fort.


  1. OHHHH interesting that you didn't know that gluten was in beer. You must not have any friends that are GF. They are always wondering what beer is GF!! :)
    Good totals for the recovery month!! Good luck at RNRSF and have fun at the expo!!!

  2. Don't worry too much. There are some beers that are gluten free. There was a brewery in Sacramento that was. You might just have to look more carefully for them.
    Good luck and have fun at the race this weekend. Hope you feel better soon!

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