Monday, April 07, 2014

Metropolitan Mondays: Current City Essentials - Drybar

I am not sure if I have sufficiently described the horror that is my hair and the abusive relationship we have.  From a young age everyone my mom has told me how lucky I am to have the EXTREMELY thick hair that I do. I disagree.  I am sure when I am 80 and not bald, I'll appreciate it but for the time being the 90 min routine required just to keep it manageable is exhausting and I plan my whole week around it.

The only "selfie" you'll ever see me post and I couldn't even put my face in it.
No joke - I schedule out the days I am going to wash my hair.  Another reason swimming is not high on the list right now, it throws off the hair schedule.  I dread those three mornings a week that require the wash-dry-straighten-walk-outside-immediately-get-crazy-frizz-routine.   I've spent hours of my life and thousands of my dollars trying to tame it (think $400 Keratin treatments when I was a poor college student.)  That's how desperate I've been.  Enter Drybar.  Prior to finding Drybar I had only had one blowout, which I loved but paid upwards of $70 for.

A friend mentioned how Drybar was amazing and only $40 so I tried it before MFR's holiday party. Since then I've been going once every two weeks.   For others, paying someone to dry your hair may seem crazy but I've spent money on way more ridiculous things.

Here's why I love it.  First off, they are super convenient.  I usually make an appointment but I've also done walk-ins.  The one I go to is two blocks from my gym, so I can get in a morning workout, shower, makeup etc... and walk over to DB.  For the next hour I enjoy drinking coffee, reading my kindle celeb magazines while someone else gets their arm workout for the day and tries to calculate how it can possibly take this long to dry one head of hair.   100 times better then fighting for mirror space and simultaneously sweating  while blow-drying it myself for 30 + min at the gym.  Which is then proceeded by evil looks because my cheap straightener is making the locker room smell like a bearskin rug is on fire.

That plus the added bonus that my hair looks a million times better than when I do it myself and it lasts for at least three days.  Since initially falling in love with DB, I have gotten a Barfly membership. For $75 it's 2 blowouts per month, one with a floater (15 min scalp massage - heaven.)

  • Receive 10% off products and tools (in-store only)
  • Unused blowouts “rollover” and never expire.
  • Pay $35 (vs non member price of $40) for any additional blowouts you may need beyond 2 per month.
  • Membership can be cancelled at anytime, for any reason, without any penalty whatsoever.
I would love to go more but twice a month is the perfect amount; it still feels like I am treating myself.  I strategically plan out my days when I have important meetings, social events or just the day after a long run because it's that relaxing.  They have locations in CA, NY, TX, GA, AZ, IL, MA & DC.  Their products and equipment are top notch and they ask lots of questions to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. I am a fan of the Manhattan or Straight Up with a floater.

I've never had the same stylist twice and I've always been 100% happy with the outcome.  Not to mention, their whole bar theme is so simple and catchy.  I follow Ali the founder on Twitter and she seems like a pretty cool gal who I'd want to be friends with.  If you have any issues with styling your own hair, I'd try one out ASAP.   And if you're one of those women who can just wash, air-dry your hair and have it look flawless - then we can't be friends.

I am sure this appears that Drybar is paying me to talk about how amazing they are,  unfortunately (for me) no compensation was received for this post.  All these over-the-top lovefest comments and opinions are my own.  If you had my hair, you'd understand.

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  1. You are hysterical! Can't wait to see you and your hair next weekend! You better get an appointment for Monday morning!! :)