Thursday, March 27, 2014

Party, Roga, Relay?

I was supposed to be in San Diego today and tomorrow but a VERY last minute meeting cancellation left me standing on the BART platform this morning and instead of boarding, I turned around and headed back home.  Side note: House of Cards (spoiler alert) has forever ruined subway platforms for me.  I've had nightmares and I now stand right in the middle and constantly look over my shoulder for Frank Underwood looking figures.

I'll be heading down to SoCal wine country in April now instead but I was especially sad this trip got cancelled since I'll be missing out on this evenings festivities at the Lorna Jane North County store.  This is the second LJ store opening I've missed due to work travel plans.  Rumor has it they offer some great swag, discounts and do a fun group workout.  Doesn't it suck when your real life gets in the way of your internet life? Sadly I won't be there but if anyone else is in the Escondido area, you should check out the preview party tonight or enjoy the 20% off they are offering all weekend.  Post workout I would recommend hitting up Stone Brewing Co., you will not be sorry.

To make myself feel better I am going to try and get to Roga (not the shorts) tomorrow morning.  5AM wake up calls can be a little rough, especially after today's to catch my non-flight,  but I am sure I'll be happy I did it. I think I can, I think I can...

I am coming to the realization that I may be enjoying my NVM recovery a little too much.  I did get in a longer run this past weekend but the altitude in Tahoe was killing me.  I didn't put in a lot of effort and it turned into a nice long run/walk.  I have a 15 on tap for Sunday that is going to be rough, followed by RNR Half next weekend.  I've REALLY enjoyed the break the last few weeks but it's time to put down the wine glass and pick up the Garmin.  Big Sur isn't going to run itself.

Confirmed Races for 2014:
  1. Kaiser Half Marathon - 2/2
  2. Napa Valley Marathon - 3/2
  3. Rock N' Roll SF Half Marathon - 4/6
  4. Big Sur Marathon - 4/27
  5. Zooma Napa Valley Half Marathon - 6/28
  6. Eugene Half Marathon - 7/27
  7. Hood To Coast - 8/22-8/23 (the dreaded leg 5)
  8. New York Marathon - 11/2 
Now that I am looking at my race calendar for the year, it's kind of light.  I did 12 races last year, including three relays.  I would really like to run one more relay this year, maybe even another Ultra.  If anyone is planning on doing Reach The Beach or The Bourban Chase and you need another average runner with above average sarcasm, who will inhale more than her fair share of beer and peanut butter pretzels; I am your girl.


  1. Wow!! That is light!! Do you think we could put a Reach The Beach ultra team together? We would only need 4 more?!!
    Good luck getting up early! That is no easy task but I but it will be worth it!!

  2. OK, if we don't get to see each other at Zooma (which I'm still tying to figure out if I can make) then maybe at Eugene. It will be my birthday, and I'm thinking it will be a fun way to celebrate my big 3-0!! :)

  3. I am doing a little relay called Bourbon Chase. Go ahead. Be jealous. I think our team is good (I lucked out - a friend of a friend needed some women, ya know) but I can let the captain know I've got backup.

    BTW, your calendar looks packed to me and you think it's light. I'm old.