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I am a 31-year old regular girl with a race addiction!  I grew up for the most part in Track Town USA - Eugene, OR (with some short stints in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas).  I also went to college at University of Oregon and I am a die hard Duck fan.  I met my husband (MFR) there and after college we both moved to Portland for 6 years.  In 2011 (after 9 years together) we decided that this was the real thing so we got married in Vegas with 120 of our closest pals.  In 2012 we decided to uproot ourselves and take our talents  to San Francisco.

Vegas! (and the obligatory Duck photo)

I was never an "athlete" by any sense of the word.  I played tennis in high school and that was the extent of my athletic endeavors.  I always wanted to be a runner. I just loved the idea of it but would feel like my lungs were going to collapse anytime I jogged a few blocks.  In 2005 I watched a friend compete in an olympic triathlon.  I'd never seen anything like it.  The camaraderie of the athletes who were all mostly out there competing against themselves was amazing.  Seeing the different shapes and sizes of  body types and hearing the stories of things people overcame to get to that point was so inspirational and just the motivation I needed.  I swore the next year I would be part of that group.  So in 2006 I signed up with Team & Training and competed in my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I had never swam a lap, ran a mile or been on a road bike before that so believe me when I say anyone can do it.

PacCrest 2006 - first race.
From that point on I was hooked!  It's been a growing addiction ever sense which has lead me all the way to doing an Ironman and flying all over the country to get my sweat and endurance fix.  As you can see by my times I am a very average athlete.  I am not super fast and I probably never will be but I continue to try to push myself to the next level.  I am also VERY human. I have good weeks and bad weeks, I skip workouts to go to happy hour, I get burnt out easily and I consume food and drinks that are bad for me. But as MFR  would say, "it's all about balance" and since I am not going to ever be an elite athlete who gets paid to race, I figure I might as well enjoy myself along the ride.  It's an ongoing struggle of balancing work, life, play, workouts, races etc...but I love the challenge.

Ironman CDA 2010
Outside of toeing the line at every race possible, I have a full time job that I love in the wine industry.  We're just enjoying taking in our new city and all it has to offer (including a plethora of new race opportunities).  When I am not training or racing you can find me watching football (college & NFL), traveling, wine tasting, at a brewfest, eating, planning trips to Bend and Portland to see friends and family and at happy hour with my girlfriends.  I love the color green. I currently ride the cable car to work every day which I think is just about the coolest mode of transportation ever.  I am a thrill seeker who loves trying new things.  I am sarcastic, dramatic and opinionated which can be a lethal combination and someday I hope to own a Bernese Mountain Dog named Broden.  My life has always been a non-stop adventure and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon...so stay tuned!

My brother & I last Thanksgiving!

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