Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back To Regularly Scheduled

I apologize for the brief interruption to the previous scheduled programming here on Karadise.  For a hot minute, due to my inability to understand domain hosting and publishing, I thought I needed to get a new URL and hosting site.  It was the perfect storm of an expired credit card, an e-mail address I didn't know I had, my blog disappearing and a frantic search to replace it since I thought Karadise would now be costing me lots o' $ to host.

Rest assured I have been given back my hijacked Karadise but not before I freaked out and purchased Run Bird Legs Run, which I thought was a pretty good find in rage filled panic search.  So now I own both RBLR, which goes to nowhere for the time being, and Karadise is back in the hands of its rightful "owner."  At some point I may switch over, but for now we'll remain here.  Turns out it's a little more tricky than you I may think.  And with that back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Life/Running Update:
Things have been busy per usual.   Having the weather be sunny and 70 here in NorCal has only added to the activities on my "must do" list.  I've actually been home every weekend since the race which is a big change.  They have been filled with trips to the beach, not running, beers with friends (IRL and blogger kind alike), hikes, brunches and not running some more.   I am continuing my tour-de-CA with four trips this week.  Two day trips for work, a trip to Tahoe this weekend for fun/work and a two day trip to San Diego at the end of next week.  All that plus LOTS O BASKETBALL this week. Go Ducks!

I have been keeping up on yoga, Abs challenge and getting in a few short runs here and there but this weekend will kick off the re-training for Big Sur. with my first double digit run.  I am going to take this training cycle a littler easier then Napa Valley.  I am planning to run Big Sur with Tritreats at a conversational pace and just take in the beauty of the course.  Then I'll gear back up the speed for New York!  That still means long runs but I am only planning on one 20 miler and not as much pressure on hitting certain times for training runs.  MFR and I have decided not to do Wildflower this year.  I am really loving running this year and don't want the pressure of "having to tri train."  And also this:

The California drought is not a joke people

In other news, This!  Kara Goucher with Oiselle.  I've loved me some Kara for so many years and was a tad bit heartbroken when I heard she was leaving Portland.  But to hear that she is now with my favorite running apparel company, (possibly just favorite company) is like peanut butter wine and chocolate finding each other for the first time.  You can read more about Kara's announcement and Sally's side - spoiler alert, both women are full of awesomeness.  To say I am excited about this partnership would be the understatement of the century.  See you in New York Kara.

With that I am off to hike the hills of Tahoe and buy ALL the Oiselle threads.


  1. I can not believe Lake San Antonio!! What are they going to do about the swim?!
    I was planning out our 20 miler on my run this morning...get excited!!
    So excited for Kara and Oiselle!!

  2. Seriously, the draught is crazy around here. Not sure how the tri's are going to happen in NCal this summer. I'm pumped for Kara Goucher and Oiselle too. Such a great match!