Friday, January 03, 2014

2014: The Year of the Marathon

Confirmed Races for 2014:
  1. Kaiser Half Marathon - 2/2
  2. Napa Valley Marathon - 3/2
  3. Rock N' Roll SF Half Marathon - 4/6
  4. Big Sur Marathon - 4/27
  5. Wildflower Olympic Distance Tri- 5/4
  6. Eugene Half Marathon - 7/27
  7. Hood To Coast - 8/22-8/23
  8. New York Marathon - 11/2
Other possibilities:
Zooma Napa Valley Half Marathon - 6/28? or maybe Pac Crest Oly 6/29? - Need a June race.
Big Kahuna Half Ironman - 9/14, Mountains To Beach Half 5/25, Nike SF

It's going to be a big year for the marathon.  I am going from zero to 60 in that department.  I haven't done one since 2010 and I am registered for three this year.  I am planning on having Napa & New York be my goal races with Big Sur as a "fun" run. 

2014 Goals/Resolutions:
Run a marathon, hopefully Napa Valley, in under 4:30
Beat my time (3:37) at Wildflower
Triple my 2013 mileage in the water and double my mileage on the bike
Floss daily
Take vitamins daily
Get a consistent morning routine  (i.e. morning workouts on the same day each week)
Blog twice a week
Say yes a lot - I really don't have a problem with this one.  This is just a reminder since after this year I have a feeling we're going to make some grown up life decisions like houses, kids and all that adult crap.  I want make sure I continue my 2013 non-stop fun for AT LEAST another year.  In the spirit of this, I've already booked a last minute trip to Nashville this month and I am 3 for 3 on flossing/vitamins. Winning.

Regarding my marathon training, I've had a little set back this week.  I am on day 12 now of a nasty cold.  I managed to hack/wheeze my way through my 15 miler last weekend in Bend but I paid the price and my cough got way worse.  I took it easy until last night when I slogged through 5 miles and in return stayed up all night coughing.  I have another 15 on the calendar tomorrow so here's hoping I can manage and my body doesn't say a big FU.  MFR also caught the 48 flu that's going around SF and knocks you on your ass, so if that's headed my way I just hope it's after tomorrows run. Have a mentioned how much I hate flu season?


  1. One of my friends got that 48 hour flu too! Hope you don't get it!!
    I'm excited for your year of the marathon. I think you're going to rock it!! I'm looking forward to cheering you on at Napa Valley.

  2. This is going to be an amazing year!! Your schedule looks awesome! We are going to run Big Sur Together...cause that would be fun!! :)
    You still have 2 months to prepare for Napa! You will do great and totally kill it! Just get well and stay away from MFR!!!!!!

  3. Man! Your marathon schedule looks crazy! A little jealous that you are running Big Sur. It's on my list for next year if I get in! Can't wait to see how you run in Napa. And, you should apply to be a ZOOMA Napa ambassador, they are looking for people right now! Just saying, you would be great!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon! You have such a great marathon schedule for 2014. I'll may see you at one of them!