Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Thank You SR

The saga of sickness in my household and my office continues.  It's no bueno.  In other news - we're sick during flu season, cry me a river.  I was able to get in solid workouts the last two days and tonight is my first long run back.  I was going to do 15 (to makeup for my missed long run this weekend) but with 18 on the schedule for Sat., I got a friendly reminder not to be an idiot so I am planning on 10 tonight.

I am currently in week 9 of my training program which means highest mileage month...yikes!

Your Goal A sub-2:00 half-marathon (Week 12) - Kaiser Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday
Your Theme You reach your highest mileage.

Bring on the mileage.

I want to take a moment to say a quick thank you.  Two years ago I had no idea there was a whole world out there of running bloggers.  I knew what a blog was and I had given a half-assed attempt to document my Ironman training on one but didn't read or know about any others.  It wasn't until I was on a run with TriTreats one night and she asked, do you read Skinnyrunner?  My response was, "is that a magazine or something?"  Long story short, I eventually looked at SkinnyRunners blog and I was immediately hooked.  It was my daily dose of humor and kick in the ass to go workout.  I have SR to thank for motivating me to get out the door and run on many occasions, for upping my mileage and races and for introducing me to most of the running blogs I still read today.  Basically, she was my gateway drug into this crazy world of endurance blogdom.

Recently she pulled her blog down and quit cold turkey.   I was sad to see it go.  Although I didn't read it as often lately, it was always good for a check-in of: well SR ran 30 miles today so I guess I can  muster 6.  Had I not started reading SR I would never have started my own and would not have experienced the opportunities, races and friends that this weird internet world has presented.  So a big thank you to SR for the non-stop entertainment, motivation and race recommendations.  Your daily entertainment will be missed.

I am don't know why SR chose to pull down her blog but I definitely struggle with putting words out there on the interwebs for anyone to read.  First off, it feels and is very self-fulfilling.  There is a reason blogs are called brags.  I often think, who the hell am I to assume I am interesting enough that people to give a crap what I am doing on a daily basis and what my workouts look like.  You hope that it's helpful or motivating to others (it is for me), but you don't really know.  Also, there is the whole privacy issue, which can be unnerving.  How personal do you want to get?  It's basically a permanent record of what, where you are (physically and mentally) on a daily basis and you're the one putting it out there and inviting others in, so you can't really complain if you feel your space is violated.  So far I've really enjoyed having a blog because of the opportunities I've been given and the accountability it gives me to get my workouts in.  I can only hope that continues. 

In the meantime who's going to fill the void of blogging about ALL the races, sparkling wine and froyo?


  1. I loved reading SR's blog in my early blogging day and until the day she took it down. I even got to meet her and she is super duper friendly, nice, and hilarious like on her blog. I'll miss reading her blog, fo sho.

  2. I too was inspired by SR's high mileage and many marathon finishes. Now I just want for yo and some sparkling wine. :)

  3. Do you remember what run that was? I don't remember where we started from...but we were on the east side and we cut across the Burnside bridge cause you weren't feeling good!?? :) Memories....
    I can't believe SR took down her site...crazy?! I didn't even know!