Thursday, January 02, 2014

2013 Review - Ya Done Good

2013 was once again the "year of Kara."  Since 2006 or so I've dubbed every year the "year of Kara" and I've had some great years, especially since 2010, so I am not going to mess with tradition.  You know things are going pretty well when you look back and try to single out your favorite memory from each month and every month has multiple contenders.  Here was my best effort and horribly lazy editing skills and my favorite moments of 2013:

All in all I had a pretty amazing year.  Looking back at the year I am feeling very blessed with family, friends, health, travel and adventure.  Besides my mothers health (multiple bad diagnosis this year), what more could a girl ask for?  I have lots of goals for 2014 and I have a feeling it's going to be another year jam-packed with fun, new experiences and changes. But before I move forward, a quick recap of last year.

2013 Goals:
  • To finish a marathon in under 4:30 - F (FAIL)
    • Didn't even run one but this is my No.1 goal for 2014 and one I hope to have completed on March 2nd
  • To finish a half-iron in under 7 hours -NP (no-pass)
    • Didn't do a half Ironman but I am much more okay with this one.  I knew early in the year I would burnout if I tried to fit this into my crazy calendar.  I am not going to recycle this one for 2014 either.  If I end wanting to do one at the end of the year, I will but I don't need the pressure since it's not a huge priority right now.
  • To finish 3 half-marathons in under 2 hours - B (2 of 3)
    • I knocked out two right away with Nike DC & MTB.  Both of those I finished much faster than I thought possible but I never got that 3rd.
  •  To get on the Nuun Hood To Coast Team (this one is not entirely in my control but I will do everything I can)  - A+
    • An amazing experience I will never forget!
  • To do more races in the state of CA then outside of it -
    • Stuck to that goal and didn't get burnt out.  Win win!
The Numbers:
  • Running: 765 Miles
  • Swimming: 13,500 Meters
  • Cycling: 277 Miles
  • Hiking: 45 Miles (actual hikes, does not include commute & general daily miles)
  • 15 Spin Classes
  • TOTAL: 1341 Miles

  • 15 Core/Weight Sessions
  • 11 Yoga Classes 
  • 12 Races - One for every month
    • 6 Half Marathons
    • 2 Olympic Triathlons
    • 3 Relays (2 regular, 1 ultra)
    • 1 Bike Race
I feel good about where I am with my fitness compared to a year ago.  I had some breakout races this year and stuck to my goal of not getting burnt out and keeping my life balanced. I kept most of my races "local" and had a great time exploring my new home state.  There are lots of little things I would like to improve upon (ex - daily vitamins, more veggies) but I am proud of this year and everything I accomplished.  Running HTC with Nuun was better then I ever imagined and I am very proud that I made that dream a reality.  Crossing the finish-line at MTB and Nike DC knowing I had run my hardest and averaged Sub 9 min miles was a big accomplishment for this  previous 11 min/mile runner. I also really enjoyed getting back into the world of triathlon since my retirement in 2011.  Although it was only the 1st half of the year, it reminded me how much I love the sport and the cross training.  Reflecting on my accomplishments before I look forward to my 2014 goals, MFR and I came up with our new motto;  Enjoy the now, then take it to the next level.  2013 was an amazing year - 2014 looks to be even better.


  1. Love it. Nice work rocking 2013, Bird!

  2. Great year per usual! You are totally going to get that 4:30 in March then you won't have to worry about it! :)