Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 In Review & 2016 Goals

This years review is a little different.  I had a great year but unlike others, I didn't race, I didn't travel the world, I didn't blog and I didn't have race goals.  I did reset.  Although I've spent over 7 months of this year pregnant, I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to start-up again.  I am content where I am at with my life and very excited for the next chapter.  Professionally my  career is challenging and engaging.  Personally I am excited to have moved into a new house in Berkeley in January and welcome our son in February.  And athletically I am excited to race again and find out what this new-runner looks like post baby.  I am sure it will be completely different, 100% more challenging both physically and mentally, but I am looking forward to it.  I've always had the most success when my life is packed to the brim and I don't have a moment to second guess anything. I think an infant, new (very old) house + a full time job should do the trick.

2015 was a different year of goals and experiences.  I created a human..congrats I am a mammal.  I did some serious US travel, mostly for work but some for fun.  Here it is broken down in numbers:

2015 Travel Numbers:
  • 107 - # of flights 
  • 125 - # of nights I spent on the road
  • 15 - # of states I traveled to
  • 27 - # of cities I traveled to
  • 3 - # of new states (Montana, North Carolina & Wisconsin)
  • 7 - # of new cities/locations (Austin, TX, Deer Valley, UT, Sequoia National Park, CA, Aspen, CO, Three Lakes, WI, Asheville, NC and Whitefish, MT)

I am sure it's not surprising to learn that my type A personality would like to travel to all 50 states by the time I am 50.  I am currently at 23 + D.C. and so I need to average 2 new ones every year.  2016 I am looking forward to Vermont, New Mexico and potentially Iowa and/or Virginia.  Besides going home to Oregon, my favorite trips this year were to Austin, Chicago, New York, Deer Valley, Three Lakes and Whitefish.  A healthy mix of big cities and beautiful outdoors.

Looking now to 2016, I don't have any conventional resolutions except trying to establish a routine of waking up at the same time every day.  I do much better when I am on a routine schedule and working from home gives me the luxury of waking up at all different times, so I'd like to fix that before it gets out of control. Otherwise they all relate to scheduling and making sure my son is happy and healthy when he arrives. Side note - saying "my son" still seems incredibly surreal and freaks me out even though he could be here at any point.  Still crossing my fingers and legs that he holds off until February.

For my 2016 goals, it's hard to put much down on paper, since I have no idea what my life will be like post baby but here goes:

  • Run 3x a week, Classpass 3x a week (post maternity leave)

Monday: Rest or Barre
Tuesday: Speed work  or Barry's Bootcamp
Wednesday: Spin/Barre/Yoga
Thursday: Mid-Length Run
Friday: Spin/Barre/Yoga
Saturday: Spin/Barre/Yoga
Sunday:  Long Run
  • 10,000 steps on non-workout days, at least 5,000 on days when I workout
  • Train for and feel good running one half and one marathon (SF Half* on July 31st & NYM or CIM)
  • Diet - low carbs and no sweets or juices 
I am not going to hold a PR over my head but instead run a few halves and one full with one target race in each category.  I've decided CIM will be my backup choice for NYM if the lottery doesn't work out.  It's not ideal but I spend so much time in Sacramento anyway and know tons of people running, I think it just makes sense for my accountability and wallet.  I've already added another race to the calendar - Berkeley Half Marathon on 11/20.  Both because I live here now and because of this. You know I can't say no to extra medals especially when they can be claimed less than a mile from our new house!  I love me a fresh start and I am hoping 2016 will be a good one.

*I just received notice that I've been chosen as an ambassador for the 2016 SF Marathon so much more to come on this race!


  1. Did you forget that you did an Ironman in Idaho?!! :) Looks like a solid year planned ahead!! I can't believe you are having a baby soon!!

    1. That is too funny! And yes I did. I filled out that map so quickly and was really only thinking of work trips and family trips - oh yeah that Ironman thing:)