Monday, November 30, 2015

2016 Plan

Alright I have plan for 2016.  I am sure it will go straight to hell when I have a baby in February and realize that making plans is a thing of the past but here goes.  I want to run New York again because it's New York.  I know I can run a faster pace and that race is just the best.  I am going to enter the lottery for the NYM 16, which is taking place on 11/6/16.  Chances are pretty slim I'll get a spot that way; considering it took me 5 years to get in last time.  Therefore backups are very necessary.  I would L-O-V-E love to do Chicago on 10/9 but I am trying to be realistic with the fact that I am going to feel very different next year and getting back into marathon shape with a newborn will not be easy.  New York is probably even pushing it but 10 months seems doable.  If NYM is a bust, my alternatives are:

1st choice - Santa Barbara Marathon 11/12/16
2nd choice - California International Marathon 12/4/16*
3rd choice - Austin Marathon 2/12/17*

*dates not confirmed

These are all bucket list races for me so I'll use the letdown as an opportunity if I don't get into New York.  2016 Race Schedule will look something like this:

4/3 - Rock N' Roll San Francisco - Registered for this one last year before I knew I was pregnant. Highly doubt I am going to be wanting to even walk a half 9 weeks after having a baby but we'll see. Most likely I'll be cheering on MFR and my dad from the sidelines.
6/4 - Bend Beer Chase
7/31 - San Francisco Marathon Half (1st Half)
10/1 - Levi's Gran Fondo (30 or 60 Miler)
11/6 - New York Marathon or alternative

2017 - New York Marathon or Chicago Marathon

Just looking at this makes me happy.  I miss racing and I look forward to toeing the line again.  In the meantime I am still doing lots of Barre and Spin classes.  Each day it gets harder but I feel much better when I workout during the day.  Trying to breath through some back pain and bruised ribs (darn kid) but otherwise feeling good.  I look massive but I feel good so I am taking it as a win:)