Monday, February 01, 2016

Ready To Be Done

Well it's week 39+, I am still pregnant and finally getting to the point where I am ready to not be. I was not mentally there the last few weeks because we had so much to do around the new house, work etc... I've had it pretty good for nine months when you compare it to the horror stories out there. I wasn't really sick, I had decent energy.  I did want to eat EVERYTHING and sleep constantly but I think that's 99.9% of pregnancies.  The thought of having a baby was 100% scarier then still being pregnant.

In the last week that has changed. It's gotten uncomfortable and I am ready to have my body back to do things other than grow and maintain a human.  Lauren Fleshman sums it up pretty well in her How I am Doing, Really post before she gave birth.  I would add to those complaints, just the intense amount of pressure and feeling that my stomach is still stretching even though it clearly is maxed out, being out of breath always and that I am down to one outfit that fits.  I refuse to buy anything at this point because I should at least be a little smaller within a week. So no I am not spending more money on clothes that could fit John Goodman.  Not gonna do it.  Remind me of this bitching when I have a crying newborn and haven't slept.

Considering it's a Monday and it's February 1st, all I want to do is plan a month of workouts and get moving.  I have to constantly remind myself that although I may not be pregnant in a few days, I will not be running 5 miles or busting out a bootcamp class anytime soon either.  Apparently there is this whole healing thing I have to get through.  I did jot down a few goals for the week just to bring my overactive brain some normalcy:
  • Do some easy 5lb weights and walk 10,000 steps daily - until I can't b/c I am in labor:)
  • No sweets - the ice cream cravings have been out of control lately so in an attempt to not give my son diabetes in the final week, I'd like to kick that habit
  • Get my thank you cards done 
These will also give me something to concentrate on other than "am I going into labor" and obsessing over work details while preparing others to cover me during my maternity leave.  In the spirit of obsessing about working out in six weeks, I've already tweaked my schedule a bit to include a local run club to help ingrain myself in the Berkeley running community:

Monday: Speedwork or Barry's
Tuesday: Spin/Barre/Yoga
Wednesday: Run Club 6:00pm
Thursday: Spin/Barre/Yoga
Friday: Spin/Barre/Yoga
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday:  Rest

The plan is to get one more post up this week about the San Francisco Marathon/Berkeley Challenge and why I am so pumped to run it!  Let the countdown begin.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with this because I am beyond excited for Feb. 13th!   Maybe I'll be in labor and these ladies will be my inspiration to woman up: