Thursday, October 01, 2015

A Year Long Hiatus

It's been almost a year since I had my full blown running burnout breakdown.  After New York Marathon 14, I pulled down my blog and stopped signing up for races.  The blog had more to do with starting a new job and not knowing my new company's social media standards. The running was straight burnout from doing three marathons in one year.

My year off from running has been great and a lot has happened.  Other than still living in SF and being married to MFR, everything has changed.  I have a new job, which I love, that requires a lot of travel.  I've traveled 120 days this year to at least 10 different states.  When I am home, I work from our apartment.  I've played a lot of golf and became a ClassPass addict which has replaced my running addiction. My weeks are filled with class on class on class.  My favorites include Barre (method, pure, name it), Barry's Bootcamp, Yoga and Spin but I mix it up with Boxing, Rowing etc... the possibilities are endless.

I've only done 3 races this year, all of them were much more for the social aspect then the running aspect.  SF RNR Half in March, The Bend Beer Chase in June and of course, Hood To Coast in August.  Finally, I am 5.5 months pregnant with a MFR Jr. who will be making his debut in February 2016.  So there's that. No biggie.

Bend Beer Chase #1 - Runner #5

Hood To Coast # 8 - Runner #10
So why in the world would I just up and start blogging again after a year hiatus?  First, it's October 1st which seems like a good day to restart a habit.  The  pregnancy has lowered my running mileage considerably and I am really starting to miss training for something specific.  I've found myself daydreaming about my comeback race and all the races in the states I find myself traveling to.
I am trying to have as healthy of a pregnancy as possible.  I've felt great and kept active - see ClassPass obsession - but I need a little more motivation to keep it going for the next 4 months.  Enter running blogs!

Besides CP, I've started wearing my Fitbit daily and tracking my calorie/water intake so this forum is as good as any to keep me accountable.  Finally, I got onto the Oiselle Volee Team in July and although I don't fit into this adorable singlet at the moment, I look forward to many races in 2016 wearing this bad boy.

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