Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Napa To Sonoma & Eugene Half

I am going to try to keep this short since I am a few races behind.

On Sunday 7/20 I ran the Napa To Sonoma Half Marathon.  If you like wine, beautiful scenery and running then this race should be on your bucket list.  If you hate wine and feeling like you're in a postcard then this race would be your nightmare and also we shouldn't ever hang out.  I didn't have a stellar performance myself but I still can't get over what an awesome course and race this was. First off, the organization on race day exceeded my expectations.  We parked down by the finish line, loaded onto a shuttle and were dropped off at Domaine Carneros.

On the Napa-Sonoma Line.  Very similar to the Florida-Georgia Line.
The scenery was unbelievable.  You literally start in the middle of a vineyard, where I watched the Oiselle ladies and Lauren Fleshman warm up around the lake while Meb did laps on the Elliptigo. It was one of those is-this-real-life-? race moments.

Just chillin in a vineyard waiting to run 13.1
This race was made even better by the fact that I somehow convinced MFR to join me very last minute - thanks to a bib transfer. Besides doing Hood To Coast every year, MFR is not a big distance runner.  He prefers training for Oly tri's, basketball, tennis, golf...just about anything other than running past that 6.2 mile mark.  So the fact that he ran N2S the weekend before doing another half in Eugene is nothing short of a miracle.  The alternative of having breakfast with my 96 year old Grandma while I ran might have also swayed his decision.

Couples who run together

#team10barrel top, Nuun sunglasses, Picky Club sweatband & Oiselle Rogas - all the bases covered
To save you the mile by mile replay, I'll just say the race went okay.  I was really full again, as in this must be what it feels like to run pregnant feeling.  I just ate way too much the night before and the morning of.  I was running on tired legs and had to walk some in the last 3 miles.  I also stopped at the lone beer stand for a shot of Guinness at mile 11.  Why not?

I pushed through the last few miles and ended with a 2:04, a few seconds off my Zooma time.  As long as I live in the Bay Area, this race will be an annual tradition.  Honestly I don't think it gets much better as far as courses and scenery go. I think it sells out day of as well so if you're interested, stay on it!

Wine medal #2
Next up was Eugene this past Sunday (7/26).  It was a weekend filled with friends, family and reminiscing in my "hometown."  The race itself was great, I've always loved Eugene marathon.  It's a good course, good size and finishing on Hayward Field is surreal.  I was having too much fun to be bothered with photos but here are the two horrible pics I took all weekend:


Dad, MFR, Bro, Mom, Nephew #1, Sis-In-Law, Nephew #2
This was my 3rd time running Eugene (2008,2009) and my fastest to date. For the 3rd week in a row I ended up within a 30 second window with a time of 2:05, a few seconds off N2S.  The not so funny part was I thought I had Sub 2'ed.  I ran Garmin-less with two friends and although we chatted the entire time, I thought we were going at a pretty good clip.  I should have known better since I normally can't hold a conversation and run at the same time.

When I found out it was 2:05 I was shocked but not that disappointed.  It was a great weekend and fun race and that's what I expected on my tired legs.  At least I am consistent.  Afterwards I ate ALL the pancakes, showered up and met up with these two for ReNUUNion beers!

Ninkasi w/ Sweaty & Devon
After 3 half marathons in 4 weeks, I am ready to concentrate on Hood To Coast and New York.  I am starting with a good base and now it's time to focus on the marathon.  I'll worry about that Sub-2, PR'ing the half etc... after November 2nd.

I am coming for you NY - Actually looking at this photo makes me think I should reconsider this PR goal.

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  1. You are an animal!!! 3 1/2s in 4 weeks. Well it sounds like our 2012 year!! :) Can't wait for H2C and NY!!! Here we come!!!