Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stats & Desperate Attempt To Motivate

July Stats:
Weights/Core/Nov. Project: 80 min
Running: 54 Miles
Spin: 24 Miles
Yoga: 50 Min
Tennis: 2 Hours
Total: 78 Miles + 4 hours 10 min 

August Stats:
Weights/Core/Nov. Project: 65 min
Running: 64 Miles
Spin: 14 Miles
Total: 78 Miles + 65 min

Everything was down from June except Core/Nov Project and Tennis because it's never been on there. Mileage wise these are the lowest months all year.  I need to start "really" training for New York. Nothing like starting your 16 week training plan at week 9.  I am not starting from zero but I've been VERY unmotivated since Hood To Coast.  There are just other things I'd rather be doing then running - tennis, golf, watching football, traveling, drinking beer, eating food, drinking wine, watching more football, hanging out with friends and watching football.  I keep saying this is my retirement marathon (for awhile) so I'd like to run it well.  But if you add my lack of motivation to the fact that I've been traveling 4 weekends in a row and I am about to leave for Europe for 2+ weeks, the Sub 4 dream has come and gone.  I still have a very small amount of hope for a PR to end my marathon-ing on a high note IF I can get my ass in gear this week today.

Also I suck at blogging lately.  I just don't seem to have the inspiration or energy to put in to it.  I'am not even interested in reading other running blogs lately.  Clearly I am in full burnout mode but I need to woman up for one last race before I start pursuing other interests. I've waited 4 years for this race so it would be so stupid to waste this opportunity.

I keep planning on writing something interesting and giving this blog a refresh but it's just not happening.  I am literally boring myself while typing this sentence.  So to keep with the craptastic content that's been on here lately, I present 10 things you could care less about need to know about my life right now:

  1. In Week 4 of not NY training, I had a minor scare with a popped SIJ . Turns out that all my right leg issues (knee, ankle, SIJ) are all stemming from a horribly weak right glute.  
  2. I am now in physical therapy 1-2 times a week.  I had never been to a PT before but so far I am a fan.  Luckily my PT is willing to work with my (non) training and made a deal that I have to do these daily exercises before I am allowed to run.  She's no nonsense and says thing like "typical fucking runner" in response to my comments of, "no I didn't see anyone, I just took Advil." Also, PT is hard. I leave sweating and I am always sore for multiple days after.
  3. MFR and I ate healthy the month of August which meant: no cheese, no beer (exception of 2 cheat days - HTC & Bend Brewfest), low carbs, minimal sweets and portion control.  I did pretty good but I am glad it's over. 
  4. It's FINALLY sunny in SF and that makes me happy.
  5. Football season is here which means Sat, Sun, Mon and sometimes Thurs I am booked
  6. Besides one other weekend in the beginning of August, this will be my first full weekend in San Francisco in over 14 weeks
  7. After Tour de Europe we made a deal not to travel for a few months (other than work trips, holidays and the NY Marathon...but other than that)
  8. We ran Hood to Coast and per usual it was a great time.  Leslie has a good recap.  In summary, I not only survived Leg 5 but ran the best I've ever ran HTC.  It was a great feeling to finally run a good even relay and know I put everything into each leg.
    Entire team at the finish line!
  9. I blame the high of HTC for my lack of excitement for New York.
  10. This announcement helped!

And because I need it, I am posting this again:

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