Tuesday, July 22, 2014

June Stats, Running Lately & Official NYM Kickoff

June Totals:
Running: 55 Miles
Cycling: 37 Miles
Spin: 65 Miles
Cross/Core/Abs: 45 Min
Weights: 35 Min
Yoga: 2 Hours
Total: 157 Miles

June was big month for me!  I felt strong and like I got a good mix of activities in.  Highest mileage month in 2014 so far.

When I originally signed up for 3 half marathons (Zooma, N2S & Eugene) in 4 weeks my goal was to sub 2 all of them.  That didn't happen.  I came in at 2:04 for both Zooma & N2S and I am expecting something similar for Eugene this weekend.  The problem is not that I am out of shape or under-trained.  The problem is Hood To Coast!  What the what you say?  Sounds crazy but let me explain.

I am so terrified of that Runner 5 slot in HTC that I refuse to let myself taper or rest up for any of these races.  I have this nagging voice in the back of my head saying "running a half on tired legs will be the best training, think about how you'll feel climbing the mountain on your third leg."

Leg 3  - After having already run 14 miles (photocred/stolenfrom: OuaL)

I ran on tired legs for Zooma and then had a bad two weeks as far as training goes (selling a house, sinus infection etc...).  On Thursday, I considered just not working out and saving my legs for N2S but that voice came back.  So on Friday I ran lots-o-hills with November Project (Hills = Leg 5 Training), played 2 hours of tennis with MFR on Sat and then ran 13.1 on Sunday.  It's not ideal but it just makes sense to me right now so don't question.

Lyon St. Steps - The "Hill" we ran over and over again on Friday.

How can you say no to tennis with views like that?

This weeks plan consists of two Nov. Project workouts (hills & stairs), yoga, three short runs and a spin class all before taking on Eugene on Sunday.  Although I would still LOVE to Sub-2, I am not putting the pressure on.  My legs will be very tired once again, plus 95 degree weather is predicted.  Sub 2:05 is just fine by me.  I am looking forward to the race and my mini family run-union.  I haven't run Eugene since 2009; it will be good to be back in town for something other than football.

Last week was the official kick off of New York Marathon training, which is crazy to think about.  I have so much going on before November 2nd, that I can't comprehend it's only 15 weeks away.  I have seven trips (yes, seven) and three races before I get to NY.  Once I get passed HTC, my plan is to stay 100% focused on NY.  I've got a big goal and it's going to take a lot to accomplish it, especially considering the amount of travel I have.  Since it took me 4 years just do get into this race, I don't want to waste this opportunity.

I am using a similar training plan as Napa Valley Marathon.  Since I had N2S this past weekend and I have Eugene Half Marathon this weekend, I haven't followed the plan exactly but starting next week (week 3) I'll be on track + yoga, spin, core and hills (until HTC).  New York I am coming for you - Sub 4 or bust!


  1. wOw!!!! Sub 4 or BUST huh?!! Can't wait to be there for that!! Let me get through Ironman and I will start thinking about NY!!! I am very excited as well!! Finally 5 years later!!

  2. I mean...we'll see! I had a panic attack right after writing that but Go Big or Go Home!

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