Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Excuses - Keeping life over 120mph

I suck at blogging.  Not that I have an excuse but here's my excuse.  This is my schedule since Oct 31st.  Kauai -> Vegas -> Napa -> Monterey -> Home (SF) -> Paso Robles -> Yosemite -> Home (Sunday) and then we're headed to Bend, OR on Thursday.  I have not spent a weekend at home since October and my first one scheduled is not until mid December.  My house is a disaster and hasn't had food in it that doesn't come from a take out container since I can't remember when.  Currently there is camping stuff everywhere and four different suitcases discarded throughout our bedroom and hallway.

I am not complaining.  I made this schedule and I love it.  I am just painting a pretty picture of my non-blogging life currently.  As my Hells Angels uncle says - keep life over 120 mph.  Wise words from a Harley riding poet. The good news is I officially started marathon training.  Week 2 looked like this:

Week 2 (technically my first week but I am starting my 16 week training plan on week 2 so it doesn't get confusing)
Mon - Rest
Tues - Trackmill workout: 1 mile warmup @6.0 (1.0 incline), 12 x 200's @7.6 (7:53 min/mile), 200 cooldown after each, 1 mile cooldown @6.0 - Watched Survivor
Wed - Four early morning miles that I slogged through at a very slow pace - was sore from pushing too hard on Tues.
Thurs - Five Miles @ 9:15 pace, felt much better
Fri - Rest / drove to Yosemite
Sat - 8 mile hike to Nevada Falls (straight up & down)
Sun - 5 mile hike to Mirror Lake (flat) & drove home

I am missing a long run on Sunday but after 13 miles of hiking my hips were shot so as planned I skipped the 10 miler for last week and will begin the long runs starting this Sunday in Bend.  It's going to be a frigid 20 degrees.

Photo proof:
Fall in Sonoma

Mondavi in Napa

Love This

Sunset at Spanish Bay in Monterey

Camping in Yosemite - 28 degrees.
Anyone else feel like 2014 is tomorrow?

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  1. You have been busy!! Good Times!!! Yes! I can't believe that 2014 is in 32 days! How did that happen?! :)