Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 2 Challenge & Cascade Lakes Preview

I did it!  I did over 30 miles in week 2 as well.  It's official, Half Moon Bay Marathon here I come.  The week looked like this:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 Mile Trackmill Workout: 1 mile warmup, 3 x 2000's @ 8:24min/mile pace (7.1), .5 mile cooldown
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Unplanned Rest - whoops
Friday: 9 mile long run
Saturday: 5 mile tempo run
Sunday: 10.2 mile run on the deathmill (way too long on a treadmill but based on ease it just worked out that way)
Total: 30 Miles Exactly (nothing like squeaking by - I just couldn't do the extra two miles on the treadmill)

It's crazy how quickly the training lightbulb turns on once you officially start.  I've ran more this month then the last two months combined and it should be my highest run mileage month so far this year.  I have two more long runs (including a 15 miler this weekend) before I take a few days off to taper for Cascade Lakes Relay (CLR).  Speaking of CLR, have I told you guys how excited I am for this race? 

I clearly have a love affair with everything that is Bend, OR.  Ex: LaurenJesse, Beer, Little Wing etc...
Okay it helps that my parents also live there and it's quickly becoming the ultimate endurance athletes playground.  I think if MFR and I ever did move back to OR it would probably be to Bend.  When we found out that HTC denied our team this year it took me about two seconds to sign us up for CLR.  I love HTC and I am all about keeping the tradition but I'd been wanting to do CLR ever since I'd heard about it and this was the perfect opportunity.  Also it gave me an excuse to apply for the Nuun Team!  Win/win.

So next Friday Team Put A Bird On It (Portlandia reference) will be running 216 gorgeous miles from Diamond Lake to Bend.  It's more challenging than HTC and you have to account for the altitude, heat and apparently mosquitoes:(.  But from the looks of it it's going to be a freaking blast.  CLR is on it's 6th year and although it doesn't have the bucket list reputation yet, it's getting there.  There is a more laid back feel (which I love) then HTC; I mean they have a costume leg for crying out loud.  And yes I assigned myself the costume leg by accident so get ready for that.  This year the finish line is at the amphitheater on the river and they are providing us with tubes to float the river and a full scale beer garden with 8 local breweries pouring.  Aka - the best beers in the world.  Pretty good incentive to run fast.

Finally, they have contests throughout the entire race.  Time trial legs, costume, spirit etc... and "the best inactive van adventure" with a prize of pub tour on a 14 person "bike."

Obviously I'll have a lot more to report on once I actually run the thing but it looks pretty badass race which literally combines all my favorite things. 9 days until go time. Can't wait.


  1. The beer garden at the finish sounds FABULOUS! I went to Bend for the first time a few weeks ago, and really liked it there. Have fun at CLR!

  2. Great job on the challenge!! Excited that you finally picked a marathon! You will kill HMB!!!

    Excited for CLR!!! 216 miles!! Hot and Hilly!! What were we thinking?!! :)