Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 1 Challenge Recap

Week 1 was a success.  I busted out 32 successful miles last week.  It looked a little something like this:

Monday: Ran/walked 2.5 easy miles on the treadmill to test out my hip, 90 min yoga class
Tuesday: 6 Mile Trackmill Workout (Track workout on a Treadmill - get it?): 1 mile warmup,
10 x 400's @ 8min/mile pace (7.5), 1 mile cooldown
Wednesday: Skipped my 7 mile planned run because of reasons I can't remember now but at the time seemed like a reasonable excuse.  Something about not waking up on time and needing to finish Season 1 of Newsroom
Thursday: 6.5 Mile Tempo (1M jog, then 3M tempo at half-marathon pace, then 2.5M jog)
Friday: Long slow 7 miles I should have  done on Wednesday
Saturday: Hiking along the coastline with friends
Sunday: 10 Miles
Total: 32 Running Miles

All in all I felt pretty good on every workout.  Thursday was probably my toughest run, just felt sluggish and tired.  My "tempo" miles were not that much faster than my jogging miles.  Yesterday I was surprised by how good the 10 miles felt.  I expected to be exhausted from the week but my legs felt great.  I had a sore back and an upset stomach post run but besides the last mile straight up hill I felt good. It's amazing how just giving myself a goal of 30 miles and a reward of paying money to run even more got my ass in gear.  This week I have 31 on the schedule starting with track tomorrow but today I am going to enjoy my rest day.  My appetite is in extreme shock from actually having a training consistency again.  I've basically had four meals already today and I am already planning how many tacos I am going to be inhaling this evening.  Current plan is three but I think four may be more likely.

In other news, out of pure dumb luck, this happened this morning:

Registration Confirmation for:
Dear Kara,
Congratulations! You are now registered for Big Sur International Marathon. Please check the event's official website for updates:

I have always wanted to run this marathon and now that I live so close, it's moved up on the list.  I knew registration was on July 15th but somehow failed to put it on my calendar or post any sort reminder.  This morning while I was making coffee I was thinking about my week of training ahead and registering for HMB.  That train of thought led to foggy, coastal, scenic CA marathons in general.  Enter Big Sur.   "That would be such a fun race to do someday, maybe next year? When is that registration again? The 15th?  Wait, is today the 15th? Hmm..maybe I'll check it out this evening." Since MFR was still in the shower I decided to get on the laptop and see if it was in fact the 15th. Sure enough ten minutes later I was registered.

Turns out registration had opened at 7am and they sold out in 59 min.  I registered at 7:51.  I think it was meant to be.  But before I start sketching out my 2014 race calendar, let's concentrate on the current important issues;  getting to 32 miles this week and just how many tacos is too many tacos?

Anyone else sign up for Big Sur?


  1. Hope you enjoyed those tacos! :)

    Also super exciting that you got into Big Sur! I think it was meant to be too with how it worked out for you. I am not running it, but it always looks beautiful... some day!

    1. You should do the 10 miler! It's going to be a blast. The tacos were amazing...only had 2 though because I overdid the chips and salsa:)

  2. Good job on your runs this week!!!

    Eat as many tacos as you want!!! But I bet you don't get past 3!! :) Dang it...I am already 3 days late on this many did you eat?

    Excited for Big Sur!! Still can't believe you sucked me into it!! :)

    1. Big Sur!!!! Of course I sucked you in. It's my speciality. See above for taco count.