Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Two Week Challenge

I am giving myself until July 22nd to actually pull the trigger but it looks like Half Moon Bay Marathon is going to be the winner for the fall race.  That only gives me 12 weeks to train with two relays mixed in but I think I can do it and break 4:30.  I say two weeks because I want to hold myself accountable to a legit training plan.  My goal is 30+ miles for both this week and the following week.  If I can complete that and I feel good (injury free) then I'll finally register.  If for some reason I don't feel healthy or don't think I can break 4:30 I'll keep Long Beach as a backup. I've had a minor hip thing lately (aka having a mini seizure on a dock in Tahoe this weekend because my right hip popped out of socket).  I've self diagnosed snapping hip syndrome so I'll be doing some rad dynamic stretching and hopefully I won't have to go to a doctor where they will tell me I have no idea what I am talking about.  So far it hasn't affected my running; until this weekend I only noticed it when I was in yoga and couldn't do certain things on my right side. 

I've also been hanging onto Long Beach because it would give me two extra weeks of training and it gives me less time between races when I am headed into Ragnar Vegas Ultra. I am a little worried about keeping the momentum and mileage up for the 5 weeks between HMB and Ragnar without a burnout.  Honestly though, I wouldn't really be that excited about doing LB again (did the half last year) which is not a great way to start marathon training.  Plus Half Moon is "local" and a much smaller race which I've been loving lately.  It's the only marathon 100% along the Pacific Ocean with no highway roads.  Yes please.

So far I've been successful on my challenge.  A few easy miles yesterday to test my hip followed by a 90 min yoga class.  This morning I actually got up early (4:15am) and got my 6 mile trackmill workout in before work.  Tomorrow will be the real test with an early morning 7 miler.  I going to have to go to bed early tonight (as if that is an issue).  I have an annoying cold right now that doesn't really feel like I am fully sick. I've actually been fine running I am just not sleeping very well (see 4:15am) so a Nyquil induced sleep starting at 8pm sounds amazing..hello 31!  Let's see what else can I bitch about?  Oh yeah, I lost both of my big toenails last week and it makes me equally sad and grossed out.  #runnerproblems  My attempt to coverup said toes has been a failure so if anyone has tips for this, please let me know.  The women in the locker room, my friends, my co-workers and my husband all thank you in advance.

We didn't get into Nike so here's what the new race schedule looks like:
  • Cascade Lakes Relay - 8/2-8/3, Runner #5 
  • Hood To Coast Relay with Team Nuun - 8/23-8/24, Runner #3 
  • Pacific Grove Olympic Tri 9/14
  • Half Moon Bay Marathon 9/28
  • Ragnar Vegas Ultra - 11/8-11/9, Runner #3
  • Big Sur Half Marathon - 11/17
  • North Face Endurance Challenge Half  12/8
I am pretty excited for each of those.  Commence the 2 week challenge.

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