Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Stats & My (un)Sophisticato Side

May Stats:
  • Running: 34.8 Miles
  • Biking/Spinning: 55 Miles
  • Swimming: 3.5 Miles
  • Other: 2.5 hours of yoga, 15 min of weights
  • Total: 93.3 Miles
June Stats:
  • Running: 33.2 Miles
  • Biking: 72.5 Miles
  • Swimming: 1.68 Miles
  • Yoga: 4.5 hours of yoga, 15 min of weights
  • Total: 107.38
I knew that neither of these would be big months for me but I am surprised just how low those numbers are. Especially the running since I 've been feeling so great and speedy.  I should be averaging 30 miles in a week, not a month.  Seriously time to pick it up for the next two months.  I've been trying to make it to yoga once a week and I think that's been helping to keep me injury free and has definitely increased my flexibility.  So at least I have that.

Things I am Loving Right Now:

Oiselle Runfinity Scarf:

I get compliments on it all the time and you can't beat $22 bucks for this stylish accessory. I have the orange one and I wear it ALL the time. Like an awkward amount. Even to Nascar.  Yep.

Now you see why I can't get the graphite one.
I took an oath not purchase anymore gray until 2014 otherwise I'd have that one as well.  If you saw my closet you'd understand. 

I also recently purchased this little number and what do you know it also looks adorable with my scarf.

Speaking of being a Fleshman superfan, if you are a mom, thinking about having children, or have ever been a child or a woman, you should read this article.  I just love how real and hilarious she is.  I clearly have no experience in the whole creating a life arena but I KNOW people sugarcoat it with words like magical, miracle and breathtaking.  Her perspective is so honest and made me appreciate what my mom and friends have all gone through.

Cherry Limeade Nuun:

I love it! I love it! I love it!  You would definitely might say I am addicted.  It's the best Nuun flavor I've ever tasted and that little kick of caffeine is the perfect addition.  I have heard horrible vicious rumors about this being a limited edition item.  I am praying to the run gods that's not true.  Otherwise you'll find me in the market for a storage facility that I can use for my stockpile . 

Right now, you can get a 15% discount on Nuun until the end of September. It's valid on all purchases, so you can use it more than once! Code: hydrateHTC 

I will be using it to fill my storage facility.  Also check back at the end of the month because I'll be doing a Nuun giveaway.

I always recommend counteracting your hydration with dehydration.  It's all about balance after all.  So do yourself a favor and pop open a bottle of your favorite wine and watch this movie:

Four sommeliers attempt to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world. 

Obviously I love the wine but this film (which is in some theaters and on itunes and apple tv) gave me a whole new appreciation and passion for this amazing industry. 

The Happiness Advantage
Finally, since we're already headed down a weird (non-running) path here, I have to recommend this book:

I saw a clip of Shawn Achor speaking (I think on Twitter) and everything he said really resonated with me.  I truly believe if people choose to be happy they can be and that it's so infectious in a good way.  I downloaded this book and read it within a few days.  I love the idea of studying why people are happy instead of why they aren't and it was a great read.  I think it's already had an effect on my relationships, job etc... 

Sorry about my rant on why wine and positivity are what makes my world go round.  You may go back to your regularly scheduled programming and I'll go back to writing about races instead of trying to show you my sophisticated side since I think we can all agree that doesn't exist (see Nascar pic).

Things I am Not Loving Right Now:
I still haven't picked a marathon. I think it's down to Long Beach and Half Moon Bay to stick with my in-state resolution and to cut down on travel costs.  Someone just pick for me? That would be great, thanks.

36 day until Cascade Lakes and 56 until Hood to Coast!


  1. Cherry limeade might be a special addition? I heard watermelon was going to be!! :(

    If you are not going to do Chicago than do half moon bay!!!

    I am so not ready for Ragnar so hopefully I will be ready for CLR!!

  2. The Happiness Advantage sounds like an interesting book. I like the idea of studying happiness vs unhappiness too. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Choosing races is so hard. I don't know too much about either of those, so I can't be of any help. I have another friend who is doing half moon bay though -- so maybe that's a good one. :)