Tuesday, April 02, 2013

March Stats & The Best Spin Class Ever

  • Running: 46 Miles
  • Swimming: 1500 Meters
  • Spinning: 53 Miles
  • Hiking: 8 Miles 
Total: 108 Miles

Well it's getting better.  It's definitely not where it should be but I feel like everything is headed in the right direction.  I think the SF Half this weekend is going to be a real test to see where I am at and April is going to be my training month for sure.  I have two weekends in a row with nothing on the calendar but workouts.  That may not sound that exciting; but for someone who hasn't been home in three weeks I am pretty pumped.  I don't think I'll be breaking any records at Wildflower but I am hoping to possibly PR DC.  Hoping being the operative word.

Please note the spinning mileage above and then note that is from only three 50 min classes!  I have found the worlds best spin class.  There is no arguing with me on this.  It's just a fact.  Over the years I've done many a spin classes.  In at least four different cities, at some pretty fancy gyms,  with some really great instructors but nothing even begins to compare to this one.

I found it by pure mistake.  I had been taking three other spin classes at my gym, all which were really good.  One is based on just a constant increase the entire class, one they play music videos etc... MFR and I decided one morning that we should spin that night even though we didn't know what class it was.  We looked it up and there was one right after work.  What we neglected to note was the Level 2-3 notation which signaled it was for "advanced spinners."

We sat in the front row like the idiots we are, just chatting away about how full this class was, waiting for class to start when in walks the instructor (we'll call her Cici) who's entire 5'5 body is pure muscle.  MFR just looked at me and said, "she could probably kill me with just her ass."  Which is totally true.  Her arms are what every women in America would strive for but still I just figured she was really in shape and how hard could it be?  We get started and halfway through the first song I am pouring sweat.  Like dripping all over the floor style sweat.  Normally in any other class I'd crank down the resistance and take it easy until my breathing slowed down.  Not in Cici's class!  She will actually walk over to your bike and crank it back up.

She is the scariest most amazing instructor I've ever had.  What makes the class so unique is that she doesn't take a single break and she is incredibly motivating.  You just want to please her.  I hope that in her spare time she's a life coach or motivational speaker.  I swear you leave the class feeling pounds lighter and ready to take on the world.  She somehow gets everyone in class on the same beat (it's called rhythm spin) and can get an entire class of sf business people singing along to songs and chanting things like "all for one and one for all."  The first time I was totally embarrassed to be yelling out during a Rhianna song but now I am all in.  Last week she did an entire monologue from the Matrix that had people ready to sign up for Ironman post class because they were so inspired.  Come to find out she was a music major and happens to be in charge of the entire group fitness program at the gym.  Not surprising.

At the start of every class I literally am terrified for what's to come and for getting called out (hence why I am using an alias:)).  But when she calls you out for doing good, you feel like you just won a marathon.  I always think about not going just because I know how hard she'll push us but afterward I feel like I conquered Everest (just look at that mileage)!  To quote a all time favorite movie, "she can make you lose like three pounds in one class, she's completely gifted."  If only I could have her with me for every workout I'd be PR'ing every race I do.  Apparently she also teaches yoga so I need to get in on that too.

Besides losing 3 pounds a week in spin class I've been working on my HTC Nuun application and realizing my complete lack of editing skills.  So that's been interesting but hopefully I'll have it finished by tomorrow and posted by the end of the week.  Wish me luck!


  1. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :)

    I want to take that spin class...she sounds awesome!! That should get you into biking shape!!

    Can't wait to see your application!!

  2. Hey Kara! Found your blog because of the keywords "Fitbit" and "SoulCycle" - wondering how our paths have never crossed as I'm in the wine industry too (small, small, wine world out there). Wanted to know if you ever used your fitbit during spin and how it works?

  3. Hey! Crazy we haven't met considering how small the wine world really is in SF. I don't actually use my fitbit during spin. I have and it just kinda of screws it up. Honestly I mostly use it to track my walking steps and sleep b/c even running it doesn't seem that accurate. Then I log all my workouts in the dashboard at the end of the day. Hope that helps!