Monday, April 08, 2013

Things NOT to do before a race & Nuun HTC Application

I ran the SF RNR Half Marathon yesterday!  I'll do a full race recap this week but let me just say that it was hands down the best RNR race I've ever ran.  Amazing scenery, not too crowded and very well organized etc.. I on the other was a hot mess of a runner but still pulled out a 2:08:26 on a very hilly course.  My hot messiness was due to many factors including (but not limited to) the following things not to do before a race:
  • Ignore all the signs that you're getting sick
    • On Tuesday morning my throat started to feel a little sore and I had that achy muscle feeling of getting the flu.  Instead of resting, hydrating etc... I did my speed workout on Tuesday, went to a concert  in San Jose on Wed. and just continued on with my minimal-sleep lifestyle. 
Oh hello Mr. Niemann!
    • Sure enough by Thursday afternoon I had the full fledged flu and went home sick from work around 2pm.  I tried hard to rally on Friday and Saturday because my family was here but by yesterday morning I had no voice (literally it was gone) and had not slept due to coughing all night.  Needless to say I probably would not have gone to work yesterday feeling like I did but  I ran a half marathon.
  • Have your entire family in town to entertain for race weekend
    • Don't get me wrong my family is AMAZE and really they don't need entertaining. But we're all still getting used to MFR and I being in the big city and how to get around etc...  My dad, my brother, his fiance and my adorable almost 2 year old nephew all came to town.  Trying to navigate transportation became a lot more difficult then I thought because of car-seats, strollers etc..  so we ended up walking everywhere.  On Saturday we logged close to 6 hilly miles.  Probably not the best thing to do the day before a race. Also watching a 2 year old is exhausting.  How do you people do it?
  • Cash it in on race eve.
    • Because of the two items above and my lack of longer training runs, I knew it wasn't going to be a PR race and somewhere on Sat. I decided that I was probably going to have to walk a healthy portion because of my minimal lung capacity,  lack of voice and feeling lethargic.  So I ate a bunch of cheese and had a beer to celebrate the fact that I was just going to get through the race.  Obviously that's not out of the ordinary for me but I hadn't had a drink all week long in preparation and was doing pretty well on the pre-race diet.  Even though I thought the race was going to be a "just-get-through-it" run,  to once again self-sabatoge at the last minute was pretty dumb. Needless to say my gut held up during the race but I've been in horrible pain ever since and I have only myself to thank. 13.1 Miles+Flu+Cheese+Beer = very unhappy stomach.
The NUUN HTC team application process ended last night at midnight so now it's just a waiting game.  I am anxious and excited and feel like I am waiting for my college acceptance letters all over again.  I visited the NUUN booth at the expo on Saturday and I tried to charm desperately plead my case to the poor woman who got stuck talking to me:). I apologize in advance for my poor editing skills.  Here is my application:

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  1. I LOVED YOUR VIDEO!!! Super Cute!! 6 days until we know!! NERVOUS!!! I hope we BOTH get on!! Wouldn't that be CRAZY!!! Crossed fingers and toes!!!!