Tuesday, March 05, 2013

February Stats & Other Fun Stuff

  • Running: 51 Miles
  • Biking: 22 Miles
  • Spinning: 30 Miles

Not great.  Not even good.  It's amazing what a week (or two) off does to your numbers.  Swimming was non-existent, one bike ride, two spin classes and a few good runs.  Not horrible for a lot of people but for someone in training, it's pretty sad.  Last weekend was also a bust because of a (self-diagnosed) internal hernia that happened at the gym last week.  Maybe that daily double wasn't such a great idea.  On the other hand I've already done as many miles this week (as of 8am this morning) as I did all of last week.

Other things I did in February:

Best Movie Ever!
Went and saw my favorite movie of all time in 3-D; complete with people wearing flight suits, singing along and a free movie poster!  Also tried two new bars that I will be going back to: Bourbon & Branch and Rye.  Both had great drinks and very cool urban scene.  B&B you need a password to get in (which you get when you make a reservation) but it's speakeasy style and they have cool different rooms, secret doors and killer drinks.  Rye is less stressful to get into but right around the corner and also great drinks, I think they had a pool table as well.  The drink pictured above is a spin on a Moscow Mule (the only hard alcohol drink you'll ever see me order) but I can't remember the exact name.  They give it to you in this cool copper mug that you have to give them an ID for so you don't run off with it.

Chinese New Year - SF Style!
We went to the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown (duh).  I had no idea what a big deal this was.  We stayed at the parade for an hour or so and thought it was close to being over.  Very loud firecrackers and dragons were definitely the theme.  We went to a bar close by to have some good ol Chinese beer and found out that the parade was only half over so we watched the rest on TV at the bar.  Rounded out the night with dinner at The Empress of China which had a great view and good food.  Definitely a tourist spot but really fun.  I'd go back for sure.  Loving the new experiences of this city.

Super Sexy Helmets - Day & Night!
Captain & Mrs. Safety at your service.  Yes that bike picture is from the one and only ride I did outdoors this month.  

In case you can't tell I also learned how to use Diptic - sort of!

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  1. LOVE THE BIKE PIC!! Looks like the perfect day to be on your bike!! I am sure there will be more of those days to come!! Summer is on its way!!! MAYBE!!??!!!

    Sounds like the hernia has gone away?