Friday, December 28, 2012

Resolutions: A Look Back, Back, Forth & Forth

2012 Goals: Running Related: 
  •  To finish a marathon in under 4:30 – FAIL – hard to do when you don’t actually run a marathon 
  •  To finish a half-marathon in under 2 Hours – DONE 1:59:59  
  • To finish a half-iron in under 7 hours – Nope; again difficult when you don’t actually do one 
  •  To enjoy every race and push myself to constantly improve and get faster with each race and workout. – Half Complete.  I feel like once I did a sub 2 half I just gave up this year which is why we’re upping the ante a bit in 2013
  • To improve my flexibility through stretching and yoga - DONE

2012 Goals: Non Running Related:
  • To not eat cheese for 30 days – DONE and on the 31st day there was cheese and it never left my side from that point forward 
  •  To read 12 books – DONE
  • To move to a new city/state – DONE
  • To go to New York with MFR – FAIL but we did go to Europe so I’ll take that instead

For 2013 I am going to recycle (you’re welcome earth) the two I didn’t complete and add three more.  I feel good about all of these and that I can complete them.  It’s just a matter of putting together a race schedule that makes sense, doesn’t lead to a burn out and allows me to accomplish all these goals.

2013 Goals: Running Related
  • To finish a marathon in under 4:30 
  • To finish a half-iron in under 7 hours 
  • To finish 3 half-marathons in under 2 hours (I am not sure why 3 - it just seems like a good number; I’ll probably do at least 4 or 5 so that gives me some outs but not enough where I won’t need train and push myself every race) 
  •  To get on the Nuun Hood To Coast Team (this one is not entirely in my control but I will do everything I can) 
  • To do more races in the state of CA then outside of it (this is part of the not getting burnt out goal)

    I am feeling pretty good about where my life is right now.  I don’t want to get complacent by any means but 2012 was a big year with lots of changes and I am very happy with just trying to settle into my new lifestyle here in SF.  I’ve been taking care of myself more in the nutrition category so I don’t feel the need to cut anything out or do any crazy dieting.  We had an awesome year of traveling and I hope that will continue but I don’t want to say New York or tie ourselves to any one place – just see what opportunities present themselves.  So I only have one non-running related resolution.

    2013 Goals: Non-Running Related
    • To stop wasting time lying in bed in the morning and get up when the alarm goes off  

    I know I am not the only person who does this but it’s been getting worse and worse.  MFR goes to work an hour earlier then I do so I wake up when he does and every morning for the past two months I’ve been noticing this horrible pattern starting to form.  His alarm goes off and he gets in the shower, I grab my phone and start looking at FB, Twitter, Blogs, USAToday, celebrity gossip etc… sometimes out of one eye because I am too tired to open both.  I lay in bed looking at my phone, staring at the ceiling, falling back asleep etc… for either 20 min or an hour depending on the day.  Then I realize how late it is and I jump up and rush around getting ready and barely making it to work on time.  It’s so stupid and such a waste of my time.  First off, nothing has happened on FB or Twitter since I went to bed at 11pm and I could be using that time to get ready, workout, clean-up, eat breakfast, read, go to work etc…  I’ve also noticed it creeping into my weekend schedule.  It’s like my mind/body can’t get out of bed until I’ve had 40 min of doing nothing so my New Year’s Resolution is to nip it in the bud (such a weird saying) before 40 min turns into hours of wasteful time. 2013 - BRING IT ON!

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    1. I think all of those goals are totally do-able! I hope to be with you when a lot of those goals are met!! GOOD LUCK!!!