Friday, March 23, 2012

Race Review: RNR Pasadena Half Marathon 2/19

I don't have a whole lot to say about this race, since our time was 2:41!  I "ran" with MFR, my bestie Natalie (who is a rockstar and has a 7mo. old adorable son), her husband Todd and our friend Ditri!  Nat and I have tried to do races together before and something has always gone wrong so we made a pact that we would cross the finish-line together regardless in Pasadena!  Nat hadn't been training at all (though she's in better shape then I am) and the last time she ran was when she was pregnant.  So we took it slow and walked a large portion of the race but had a blast. The crew:

I will say if you're thinking of doing a RNR event but don't want to deal with the magnitude and crowds, do Pasadena!  It's much smaller then the others I had done.  Granted this was their first year so it may get bigger but the course was gorgeous, it was perfect weather and easy to get to, park etc...  It's all through downtown/old town Pasadena and there are nice wide streets with tons of room to run.  They had me at the sun and palm trees!  It starts and ends and the Rose Bowl and the medal was my favorite by far (b/c I love green).  It was surprisingly hilly but I am starting to appreciate hilly courses and I would definitely do this race again.

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