Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 - The year of the medal

My name is Kara and I am a medal whore! Hiiiiiiii Kara. I am, I'll totally own up to it. I am not ashamed in the least bit. I love race medals and I want tons of them, the biggest ones, the unique ones and even the ugly ones. I have a dream of one day being a crazy, old, wrinkly woman and having a room covered in race bibs and medals from my "glory days." My hubby (MFR)  hates it and thinks I am crazy. His favorite thing to say is, "you do realize you're spending like $800 (race fees, flight, hotel, etc....) for something that costs $5 to make." Yes I do! When MFR finishes a race, you can maybe find his medal in our basement in some random box never to be seen again. Mine are all hung in my office with pride. Now don't get me wrong, I love running and triathloning (sure) and the race atmosphere so the medal is not the only reason to do a race but I am more then disappointed when I cross a finish line and there is no cheap fake silver medallion put around my neck. And yes I research the bling before I sign up for any race.

That little rant is to prepare you for why I am choosing the following insane race schedule for 2012:

January 15th - Phoenix Rock N'Roll Half (2 Medals - Race medal and Desert Double Down Medal for doing Vegas and Phoenix)
February 19th - Pasadena Rock N'Roll Half (2 Medals - Race medal and Rock Encore for doing 2 RNR's in the same year (this pattern continues))
March 4th - Lincoln City Half Marathon (Medal)
March 17th  - DC Rock N'Roll Half (2 Medals)
March 18th Portland Shamrock 15K (Medal)
May 5th - OC Half Marathon (Medal)
May 20th - Portland Rock N' Roll Half (2 Medals)
June 10th - Blue Lake Olympic Tri (no medal, don't get me started)
June 23rd - Seattle Rock N' Roll Half (3 Medals)
June 24th - Pacific Crest Olympic (yes I understand how insane that is, 1 medal)
July 14th - Deschutes Dash Olympic (Medal)
Aug 24th and 25th- Hood To Coast (Medal)
September 2nd - Wine Country Half Marathon (Medal)
September 9th - Big Kahuna Half Ironman (medal)
September 22nd - Denver Rock N' Roll Half (2 Medals)
October 7th - Long Beach Marathon or Half - depending on NY (Medal)
November 4th  - New York City Marathon - pending lottery selection (Medal)
December 2nd - Vegas Rock N' Roll Half or Full depending on NY selection (2 Medals)
December 9th -  Holiday Half if their medal selection is not a craptastic bell that I can't hang up:) (medal)

That's potential for 20+ medals people! I love it. You think that's bad? I am currently writing this post from 30,000 feet in the air as I am flying to San Diego and back on the same plane just so I can get my Alaska MVP status for next year. I will think about therapy - I promise.

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  1. This most most accurately sums up my love for you Bird.