Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goals for 2012

To finish a marathon in under 4:30
To finish a half-marathon in under 1:57:33 - I would say 2 hours but since Audrey, Britt and I are super competitive I need to beat Aud's half PR since she currently holds the record between the three of us. I have the fastest marathon time, ah thank you very much. And yes we understand that we are all slow in the world of running so beating each other is all we have:)
To finish a half-iron in under 7 hours
To enjoy every race and push myself to constantly improve and get faster with each race and workout.
To improve my flexibility through stretching and yoga so I can try out to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader improve my running.
To do all of this while keeping perspective and balance and always remembering, it's just working out and it's supposed to be fun! I am not Kara Goucher and I never will be except the Kara part.

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