Thursday, October 01, 2009

September Recap

I am embarrassed and ashamed to post my September stats. I went swimming once...ONCE in an entire month. That my friends is not good. Now in all fairness I did try to hit up the pool two times when I was shot down. Once they were cleaning the Club Sport pool and last Monday Aud and I drove all the way to 24 Hour Fitness - Hollywood location, changed into our suits only to find that there was a water aerobics class going on for a full hour (which the front desk man told was almost over - liar). Still even 3 times in the pool would have been shameful but 1 is just awful.

Also, my running is sub-par this month. I am at about half of what I did in August and I slacked in August as well. Luckily the one good thing is I upped my cycling miles so I feel good about that. I felt so guilty about the other two categories that I woke up at 5am this morning (which I NEVER do - I like my sleep) and went to the gym for a 4 mile run and 2000 meter swim. So I've already swam as much in October as I did in September. Here are the pathetic stats:
  • Cycling: 217.80 miles
  • Running: 24.63 miles
  • Swimming: 2000.00 meters

In order to kick this slacker habit I am going to post what my numbers should be up until the race on October 25th. Here is what my schedule calls for:

  • Cycling: 269 miles
  • Running: 62 miles
  • Swimming: 15,600 meters

Let's see how I do.

The weird thing is after this lax month I actually still feel pretty good. Everything is getting easier and I've had a few successful bricks (biking & running) that have boosted my confidence. I also added yoga into the mix this month. Sellwood Yoga opened up about a block from my house and Aud and I have been going to their Yoga for cyclists, runners and athletes class on Monday nights. The owner/instructor is awesome and a TNT alumni, I highly recommend it.

My plan for post-race is to take November easy and concentrate more on increasing my strength and flexibility. I think yoga will play a big part in that. My next post will probably be a Big Kahuna race report so until then....

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