Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sugoi Brand Champ

I was selected as a SUGOi Brand Champion! What does that mean?
It means that I am awesome!

Here’s what it really means:
(In the words of Nhann, another Sugoi Brand Champ)
It means that I get to be involved with a savvy cycling apparel and accessory company which understands that its customers are part of the success of its brand. It also means I get discounts on their most excellent gear, which lives up to its name (”sugoi” means “incredible” in Japanese).

To be sure, SUGOi has much to gain from this brilliant strategy, because by making their gear more accessible to their Brand Champions (via pro discounts), the Brand Champions can then virally evangelize the awesomeness of SUGOi gear farther and faster than the company itself probably would. And good product and companies should be evangelized.

So, I’ll be training these next few months for the June Ironman and I’ll be plugging SUGOi the whole way, so everyone wins! My current favorite product is there compression socks which not only save me on the run; they have the added bonus of looking really cool! Check them out. They even have a specific design theme (I am sporting the arm warmers in my blog pic) for their brand champions so you can spot other BC’s while you’re out on the course. Brilliant! All brands should have a program like this.

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