Thursday, September 03, 2009

August Recap!

Well thanks to a last minute swim last night, I successfully did more mileage/time in every sport than last month. I always seem to have one week a month where I slack. Last week was my slack week which I called “tapering” for Hood to Coast. So it’s back on the wagon this week with two long bike rides, a brick and a long run. I am feeling pretty positive about training since I am consistently getting faster and stronger in all three sports. My run is still my weakest link so I may look into getting a run coach at some point before the Ironman.

I am signing up for a training plan with my So Cal Collective team that will be pretty detailed and is based off blood lactate testing so I’ll be flying down to LA at some point before the end of the year to have the testing done. That should be interesting! However, having a coach in a different state won’t help too much with pushing my run so I might need some local help. We’ll see.

• Cycling: 166.00 miles
• Running: 42.74 miles
• Swimming: 6850.00 meters
• Cycling Trainer: 01:30:00

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