Saturday, August 01, 2009

July Recap!

Okay so we made a little progress in July! Definitely feel like I’ve officially started training which is great. Still need to majorly step up my running especially with Hood To Coast just 3.5 weeks away. I also really need to start pushing myself on the bike, I know I can be a better cyclist. I took yesterday as my rest day after a long run on Sat. so today I am headed to a spin class and maybe a short 3 mile run. Thank god the weather is finally cooling down. I had a really bad experience on the bike this past week where I got all shaky and started swerving. It was ugly… I am feeling pretty good about my swim so I am hoping that I can get my bike and run up to par.

• Cycling: 124.20 miles
• Running: 24.53 miles
• Swimming: 6200.00 meters

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