Monday, June 02, 2014

The Mail Lately - Getting Ready For Zooma

I love getting mail.  Like really love it, I always have.  I don't know why except that it's a trait I picked up from my father.  The man enjoys his daily walk to the mailbox more than the average person.  MFR on the other hand hates mail and doesn't understand why I stop daily (usually with my hands full) to empty out our tiny mailbox in the stairwell.  I am sure if it were up to him, we'd check it once a week and that would only be after a complaint was filed.

Since Amazon Prime became a thing I started this blog and have hooked up with some pretty cool races and companies, the daily mail delivery has gotten even more exciting.  I get a little too enthusiastic for Nuun shipments, race swag, issues of RunnersWorld etc...  Thanks to being a Zooma Napa Valley Half Marathon ambassador, the daily deliveries lately have been off the chain (that's a saying right?). If you like cool companies, races and sponsor swag, you should apply to be a Zooma ambassador for a race in your area.  Here is a sampling of things I've recently received from their awesome sponsors:

CytoSport/Muscle Milk:
Talk about the hookup.  When three full size boxes showed up at my office, I thought there was a mistake or all of my wine clubs decided to ship on the same day.  Instead it was just Muscle Milk showering us with product love.  After a workout, I crave Chocolate Milk like no other. My fridge is now stalked full and it's becoming a post run ritual to immediately grab a muscle milk (and a Cherry Limeade Nuun over ice) and down it while I am stretching.  With 25 grams of protein it's a great replenisher.  I am looking forward to trying the Cytomax flavors and gels as well.
Vanilla, citrus, choc, choc light, energy chomps, replenishers for days

Zooma Shirt & Hat - Also from Muscle Milk

I had heard a lot about Feetures but had never tried them before.  I am a convert.  Although I never really had a sock brand I was loyal too, I do now.  They are so comfy, perfect thickness and they don't rub AT ALL.  Plus the neon color palate is right up my ally.  They also sent us a cute drifit shirt, some chapstick and this adorable handwritten card.

Feetures Socks!
Sporting my shirt and yellow socks at Nov Project last week

Altra:  How many races actually send you a brand new pair of running shoes?  Zooma does.  Altra sent each ambassador a pair of their Intuition 1.5's.  After some weird foot pains and embarrassing pictures with those horrific five fingers, I was over the whole "barefoot" running phenomenon.

But I'd heard some great things about Altra so figured it was worth a try.  It's a zero drop shoe that is said to keep your foot it's natural, healthy position.  Bonus, it doesn't look like a creeper aqua sock/foot condom.  The zero drop advantage is meant to improve your form and get rid of heel striking.  If you're interested in a neutral shoe or are injury prone, Altra has a good approach to building up to the zero drop.  They are flexible, cushioned and come with insoles in order to gradually build up to a neutral stance.  Altra also has a great Run Better series which gives you tricks on how to improve your form.  I don't think they will be replacing my Launch's anytime soon but I plan to rotate them in to help improve my running form.

Ultimate Direction: UD sent us their Handy10 handheld water bottle and the Meow running belt.  I am a purist runner and don't like carrying things or having additional weight strapped to me.  I usually don't even take my phone unless I want music or it's really early morning and I am scared of stranger danger.  I do have an exception for carrying water when I get over 15 miles and the only thing I am willing to take is a handheld. You won't find me running with a fullsize waterbottle or hydration belt.  I've ran 3 long runs with the Handy 10 and it's great.  I usually put my credit card and two gels in the pocket and it's super light.  It's not big enough for an I-Phone so I am not even tempted.  I did make an exception and wore the Meow belt during Big Sur and RNR Half since I needed my phone and additional fuel.  It's comfortable and didn't ride up which is impressive considering my lack of ass-ets to hold it in place.  I am still not a huge fan or running with something around my waist but if you don't mind it, I'd give this one a try.  Both items are part of the Jenny Collection which were designed by women runners for women runners.  It's also more stylish then most the options I've seen.

On top of all that, Athleta has been supporting the Zooma group by hosting VIP shopping trips and group runs all over the bay area.  A huge thank you to Zooma and all the sponsors for spoiling us ambassadors.  I am sure to go through major mail withdrawal after June 28th.  

Rumor has it that Zooma Napa has less than 200 spots available so if you're thinking about it, get signed up! All of these companies will be at the expo/race (where Carla Brinberg will be speaking) so you can even try them out for yourself.  You can still use the code NAMB10 for 10% off.  If you are running, make sure to check out the Zooma facebook page for local training runs around the bay area.


  1. The countdown is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um, have I mentioned to you how freaking jealous I am that you are running this race? Haha. I LOVE ZOOMA and all their sponsors are great. I like most of these products and have tried them all. Good luck with the final stretch of training. Can't wait to see the race recap.

    1. I am so sad you won't be joining us! We need to get a reunion race and/or wine tasting on the calendar very soon.

  3. I am so sad that I decided not to come for the race!!! :(
    When is Zooma gonna come to P-town?!! :)