Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When Awesomeness Collides: Hydrating & Carb Loading

Last weeks workouts looked like this:

Monday 5/19:  Lunch Spin Class - only got in 13.2 miles but better than nothing 
Tuesday 5/20:  Morning run - 5 miles easy (felt harder then it should have)
Wednesday 5/21: November Project - 2 miles of running and 30 min of Death Monopoly 
Thursday 5/22: Lunch Yoga - 60 min power vinyasa
Friday 5/23: November Project hills - 4.5 miles total (2 miles of hills/stairs)
Saturday 5/24 - REST
Sunday 5/25 - Unplanned rest due to oversleeping and wine tasting winning out:)
Total: 24 miles + yoga + 30 min strength

I didn't have any daily doubles but I felt good getting in something every day during the week.  I am trying to take it kind of easy this week since I woke up with a half cold. You know the drill, half cold = sore throat, stuffed up and weak but not bad enough to actually "be sick." I ran yesterday but begrudgingly took today off since this morning I felt worse.  Hoping to feel up for a short run and some yoga tomorrow.

On the good news front, all the things I love in the world are coming together.  I was so excited when I heard about Kara Goucher and Oiselle were teaming up, what could possibly be better? Then this happened:

Kara + Nuun.  I could not be more ecstatic about this partnership.  My favorite runner partnering with one of the coolest companies and kick ass products around.  It's too good to be true. Plus now we are totes teammates.  That's how that works right?  

To share in the excitement and spread the ‪#‎nuunlove‬, you can use this discount code: MAY14NUUN for 20% orders through June 6th. This can not be used with any other discount.

Carb Loading
And just when I thought my little world of endurance had peaked, I received this e-mail:

CONGRATS! You made the cut!
So, WELCOME! We're stoked to have you on the team and look forward to an awesome first season of Team 10 Barrel
We'll be following up about kits and you'll be receiving your Team 10 Barrel box in the mail within 6 weeks. Expect to hear lots from us in the coming weeks but for now, go crush a beer!

My favorite brewery,10 Barrel in Bend OR decided to put together and sponsor a team of mountain bikers, road bikers, triathletes etc... to represent them and I made the team.  You may recognize 10 Barrel since I've posted about them just a few times: like herehere  and all up and down Instagram. I have a minor love affair with their Apocalypse IPA and OG and Project Failed and....all their beers. If you've ever had the pleasure of sipping their sweet sweet microbrews, you get it.  I know I haven't posted my bucket list on the blog yet but if I had you would see:

 #51.  Get sponsored by a brewery - preferably 10 Barrel 

Consider that item checked.  They are still working out all the specifics but the short of it is I'll be racing in their kit and preaching my love for their beer (which I was already doing).  In turn we get some pretty sweet perks and to be part of an awesome group of athletes.  I am so thankful to be part of this community of 10 Barrel athletes who already have shown they are legit competitors and pretty rad individuals that you'd want to spend some time with. To say I am excited to be rep'ing a company where I already LOVE their beer product and their culture would be the understatement of the century.  I am f'ing stoked!   Plus this means incentive to go to Bend even more than I already do.  Also for you Portlanders, their Portland Pub is said to open by the end summer.

As the e-mail states - To celebrate, go crush a beer!  You know that's what I'll be doing. It's only a half cold.

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