Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hood To Coast #6 Precursor

It's finally here.  It's Hood to Coast week and I couldn't be more excited.  I've been waiting for this all year, ever since I made it my New Years resolution to get on team Nuun.  In 24 hours I'll be boarding a plane to Seattle to hang out with some awesome women and completely nerd out on all things Nuun, HTC, running, blogging etc...  I got an e-mail this morning saying I was upgraded to first class on my flight tomorrow; a clear indicator that this weekend is going to be as awesome as I am anticipating.

There are other things going on race schedule and training wise that I will update you on at some point but for now all I can think about is Hood To Coast.  The downside is I haven't started packing and I still have a cough from the never ending cold.  The upside is none of that matters because my favorite weekend of the year is upon us.

I am slightly terrified of packing this evening.   I thought I was being all smart by flying into Seattle and out of Portland to save money and see some friends.  Then we got an e-mail saying that those of us who made this choice will have to bring all our luggage in the vans and need to fit it in one smallish backpack.  Hmmmm....5 days, 4 runs (we have a warmup run), 3 cities with different weather patterns and one backpack.  If I can do this, I might think about running for President.

This is what it looked like when I was doing 48 hours of HTC - not 5 days
While I am off gallivanting and running around the NW (for the 4th weekend in a row) you can keep up with our team on twitter: @2tix2karadise #nuunhtc 

Also  you can be part of the team right now when you order any of the namesake 4-packs.  They are discounted and you get a free HTC bottle. This is the first year they've ever made these, we're kind of a big deal!

I am on Team Watermelon and I am currently coveting both the Cherry Limeade & Lemonade flavors.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

I am runner No. 3 on Team Watermelon and I have to say I am a little intimidated by the super fast ladies on my team but I hope that I'll inherit some of their speed mojo. 

Leg #3
3.93 Miles
Easy - Approx time 3 PM

Leg #15
7.25 Miles
Hard - Approx. time 1 AM

Leg # 27
5.79 Miles
Moderate - Approx time 10 AM Sat.
I am definitely the most affraid for the third run, leg #27.  Addrenaline and gravitiy will get me through my first leg.  Even though my second leg is my longest, I always run the best on my night legs.  The real test will be Saturday morning.  6 miles wouldn't seem too bad normally but I know how my legs felt with the dinky 2 miles I did for CLR on my third leg.  Also that straight downhill will definitely take it's toll on my muscles and there is more pressure to run fast with these speedsters.  I'll just need to make sure I am hydrating well and stretching like a mad woman to get through the final run. I am trying not to stress too much and just enjoy the weekend.  Looking forward to Hood To Coast #6 and adding to this collection.  See you in Seaside!

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