Thursday, May 09, 2013

Updated Race Schedule, Marathon? & April Stats (enough lists to make your head spin)

We're almost five months into 2013 and of course there have been some changes to the race schedule.

1.     Surf City Half Marathon#18 - 2/3
2.     SF RNR Half Marathon#19 -4/7
3.  Nike Women's Half Marathon DC#20 4/28
4.    Wildflower Olympic Triathlon - 5/5
5.     Mountains to Beach Half Marathon #21- 5/26 
6.  Vineman Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon -  6/2
7.     SF Half Marathon - 6/16
8.     Cascade Lakes Relay - 8/2-8/3
9.   Hood To Coast Relay with Team Nuun - 8/23-8/24
10.  Pacific Grove Olympic Tri 9/14
11.  Nike Women’s Half - 10/20 (pending lottery selection) 
12.  Ragnar Vegas Ultra - 11/8-11/9
13.  Big Sur Half Marathon - 11/17
14.  North Face Endurance Challenge Half  12/8
15.  Marathon - TBD
Portland half was replaced by Nike DC, Vineman Rio Oly has been added to the list (is in 3 weeks) and there are still a lot of questions after August.  Mountains to Beach has been changed to a half:( I really struggled with this decision.  I know I could have done the full and maybe could have broken 4:30 but I would have been absolutely miserable and unable to move afterward.  I've been getting much faster (but at shorter distances) and I would like to really feel great heading into whatever my marathon ends up being this year, instead of just getting through it.  Now that I've picked up speed I'd like to build on that and have a successful race instead of struggling through (or walking) miles 15-26.  

Also I am doing the race with MFR and two of our SoCal friends so instead of making everyone wait hours for me and then being so sore I am unable to paddle board, hang out and enjoy Malibu for the rest of Memorial Day, I thought this decision would also make for a better weekend for everyone.  So there you have it!  I am dissapointed in myself and sad I won't get to experience the full course but hopefully I can knock off another Sub-2 half marathon toward my goal of three this year.  I've also given up the goal to Sub-7 a half-ironman in 2013.  I am sure everyone (including me) saw that coming.  I just can't train for that and a marathon before the years end without completely burning out or doing both things poorly.  So it's Olympic Tri's for the rest of the year and now the real question is which marathon do I choose?  With all my relays/ultras towards the end of the year I am looking for something in Sept., Oct. or Nov.

I've got it down to these 5:
  • September:
  • October
    • Chicago Marathon 10/13 (huge race, would be really cool to be there and celebrate after a rough year for the big city marathons, flat and fast, tons of friends running, definitely more expensive, sold out but would run for a charity)
    • Long Beach Marathon 10/13 (flat fast, quick flight, already done the half and didn't love it but I think the marathon would be much less crowded, have friends I can stay with so not too spendy)
    • Paso Robles Marathon 10/27 (driving distance, small local race feel, in wine country:), not as flat as the others)
  • November
    •  Philadelphia Marathon 11/17 (another large race, 20th anniversary, always wanted an excuse to go to Philly, probably running solo (but MFR would definitely come for the cheese-steaks), flat & fast, weekend after Vegas Ultra)

Anyone have strong feelings or advice on any of these races?  All feedback & help is appreciated!


April Stats:
  • Running: 75 Miles
  • Biking: 24 Miles
  • Spinning: 61 Miles
  • Swimming: .85 Miles
Total:  160.85 Miles


  1. What about CIM? I am thinking about it...maybe just for a minute....but I am thinking about about burnt out!!! Don't do Philly cause I want to do it sometime! :)

    Nice job on the april stats!! Look at you!!

  2. That was first on my list but it's the same day as North Face Half which I am already registered for (I've been told it's a can't miss race). I think Chicago is becoming the clear frontrunner.

  3. YES!!! CHICAGO!!!!! You will definitely be able to do a 4:30... and I think even faster....because I will be shooting for a 4:30ish!

  4. Looks like a great list of races! I have heard lots of good things about Chicago. :)