Monday, February 04, 2013

2:08 Or Bust

I mean it's just such a reflection of who I am when it comes to endurance sports!  Do just what it takes to meet your goal but not an ounce more.  Last year I wanted sub-2 half marathon so I ran a 1:59:59 and in Surf City I wanted to run a 2:08 and I ran a 2:08:01 (I guess technically that one second makes it so I didn't meet my goal:(.)  Heaven forbid I push myself or overachieve by the slightest bit. I am either extremely in-tune with what my body is capable of at any given time or I don't have that mentally tough competitor in me that pushes for more.  Unfortunately at this point I think it's the latter; but it's a process and training  the mental part is as important as the physical training.

Last night I was giving MFR the run down on the race and I said, "I know I can be faster I just can't get out of my head."  And his response (which was said with complete conviction) was, "yeah of course you can be faster, you are an 8:45 min/mile runner, you just don't like getting uncomfortable and pushing yourself." WHAT?  I had so many questions.  Why 8:45? How the hell does he know that?  But he was so confident with the whole thing.  Now in reality, MFR has no data to back this up or any idea what he's talking about but his approach was this:
When I train for real and do speed workouts I get faster and quickly.  (I went from a 2:10 to a 2:00 in two months).  But even when I do train I never "really" take it seriously.  I don't pay attention to nutrition or tapering or stick to a schedule.  I miss workouts all the time and never make it a priority because I act like it's no big deal.  I am never going to be a BQ'er or anything close because of minimal lung capacity, lack of discipline and just not being built that way.  However, if I did take seriously and stopped self-sabotaging my training and races, I could probably get down to an 8:45 min/mile!

It kinda makes sense right?  I don't know if it really is possible but it gave me hope that the person closest to me thinks I am capable.  Something to strive for!

Back to that 2:08!  Although I know I could have done more I feel pretty good about that 2:08 because my times are heading in the right direction again, but I did have to work for it.  I didn't have a perfect race by any means.  I went out too fast, I had GI issues  (that 2:08 does includes a 3min bathroom break) and my lower back was killing me the entire race.  I don't know what's going on with my back but I need to get it checked out or maybe just a massage but it's still killing me 24 hours later!  My legs are definitely sore but my back is what really feels like I ran 50 miles yesterday...ughh.

3 Mi: 27:17 Pace: 9:06 (went out too fast)
6 Mi: 55:59 Pace: 9:20 (started to try and slow down, back started aching)
9 Mi: 1:27:06 Pace: 9:41 (bathroom break at 7, started to walk the aid stations + a little more)
11 Mi: 1:45:45 Pace: 9:37 (knew I was cutting it close but still walked more then I should have)

To summarize my performance I would say all in all I had a successful race day where I met my goal, ran fast in intervals, didn't totally bonk (to some extent I did) and worked through some annoying aches and pains.  Most importantly I didn't throw in the towel and sabotage my race like I've done so many times before.

What I learned: GI issues play a big part and take away a lot of time so I need to eat/drink better the day before a race. Maybe beer, pad thai and cobb salad w/ bacon and blue cheese is not the ideal pre-race day diet.  Maybe!  Something is tweaked in my lower back and the right side of my calf.  Both need to be watched and taken seriously.

What I would have changed: Obviously aforementioned aches and pains; also my thighs were pretty sore after 10 miles which just told me I needed more long runs (duh).  I would have worn a short sleeve shirt (I was really hot in long sleeve) and I still a lot of work on my  mental push & strength.

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  1. You can defintely be faster!! You need to just work on your nutrition and mental strength. I really worked on my mental toughness last year! I am excited to see if I can keep it up this season!! :)