Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Updated Race Schedule - Year of the run

     Okay so I didn't get into New York which is not at all surprising.  I am going to have to wait until my guaranteed spot in 2014.  On another note I've basically written off triathlons this year.  First off, because I am enjoying concentrating on running and I really want to try and PR a marathon this year.  Secondly, I really don't like biking:)  There I've said it.  Don't get me wrong, I love a leisurely ride, a good spin class or commuting on a bike.  I even enjoy a good 20 miler with no pressure but I dread a 40 mile hilly ride where I have to push the tempo the entire time. There are many reasons for this, most importantly I am not a good biker.  Also there is so much equipment etc... involved so it takes forever just to get our there and heaven forbid if you have a flat; it's so time consuming. For a run you grab your shoes and you're out the door; swimming is a little worse but still minimal equipment or things that can go wrong. Finally I am terrified of going fast, especially downhill, or being hit by a car.  In Portland, you can't just leave your house and go on a long, fast ride.  You have to either pack up your bike and drive out to a non-traffic filled area or navigate through cars, people etc...for your first 5 miles which makes me very nervous.

     These are all things I dealt with when doing other tri's and Ironman but if I had my choice I'd rather swim or run any day before getting the required mileage in on my bike.  So for this year; tri's are out and hopefully I'll pick it back up next year.  I am still going to try to do Deschutes Dash as a fun race; either as a relay with my dad or I'll just suffer through the bike leg. 
      Starting June 18th, I am in full blown marathon training for Long Beach and depending on the outcome of that race I may try to run CIM in December as well but I am not sure if 7 weeks is enough time between marathons.  I am excited to actually have a 16 week, day by day schedule that will really make me push myself to become a better runner.  Enough of this non-training business.  I'd like to actually run a race instead of just finish a race.  Here is my revised race schedule -
1.       January 15th - Phoenix Rock N'Roll Half (2 Medals - Race medal and Desert Double Down Medal for doing Vegas and Phoenix)
2.       February 19th - Pasadena Rock N'Roll Half (2 Medals - Race medal and Rock Encore for doing 2 RNR's in the same year (this pattern continues))
3.       March 4th - Lincoln City Half Marathon (Medal)
4.       March 17th  - DC Rock N'Roll Half (2 Medals)
5.       March 18th Portland Shamrock 15K (Medal)
6.       May 5th - OC Half Marathon (Medal)
7.       May 20th - Portland Rock N' Roll Half (2 Medals)
8.       June 23rd - Seattle Rock N' Roll Half (3 Medals)
9.       July 14th - Deschutes Dash Olympic (Medal)
10.   Aug 24th and 25th- Hood To Coast (Medal)
11.   September 22nd - Denver Rock N' Roll Half (2 Medals)
12.   October 7th - Long Beach Marathon - (Medal)
13.   October 28th – LA Rock N’Roll (2 Medals)
14.   December 2nd – California International Marathon (1 Medal)

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