Wednesday, June 06, 2012

May Stats

  • Running: 46.70 miles
  • Swimming: 3000.00 meters
  • Additional Workouts: 01:20:00 (Yoga)
Slowly climbing!  I ran and swam more then the month before and officially went to a yoga class; just one but it's a start.  My goal is to amp up my running and to go to 2 yoga classes a week starting this week because it really helps with my running and just keeping me stretched out.  I also just got back from 10 days of vacation in Florida Keys where every day of my life was a Jimmy Buffet song and my skin is now peeling and I need to detox all the alcohol and 10 lbs. I picked up out of my body.  So far I've had two days of lots of water, healthy food and working out and I already feel much better.

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