Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No excuses?

Is anyone watching Biggest Loser?  I love that it's the No Excuses season and last night* I watched the show while eating Trader Joe's lobster ravioli soaked in butter and salt and drinking half a bottle a glass or two of delicious Oregon Pinot Noir.  How am I supposed to be motivated to train (or do anything) when there are so many good shows on? So many fatty foods to eat and good wine to drink?  And my bed and couch are so comfortable?  Plus, who can say no to this?

She prefers that I remain stationary on the couch without a lot of sudden movement.

We went snowboarding two weekends ago and sure enough I broke or badly bruised my tailbone on the 2nd to last run.  It's going to take 4-6 weeks to heal.  It actually doesn't hurt when I run (only when I am sitting) but still it's a pretty good excuse! Right?
*MFR is out of town for work!  We're not just that couple who thinks Valentines Day romance includes eating in front of the TV while watching Biggest Loser - though I wouldn't put it past us!

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