Wednesday, June 02, 2010

May Mayhem

May Stats:

Cycling: 295.64 miles
Running: 64.59 miles
Swimming: 10800.00 meters

So apparently I'am officially training for an Ironman:) This is good considering it's within a month now. I am just getting the hang of nutrition, scheduling, recovery etc... and soon it's gonna be all over and I am to go back to not being able to motivate myself to complete a 10K. I hope that's not true but I don't know what I am going to do with all this "free" time I am going to have. Highlights of May include:
  • A full training weekend in CDA with the Portland team (It was awesome and ridiculous and deserves it's own post to recap the madness)
  • My first open water swim of the season which also happened to be my first Ironman distance swim
  • My first and second century ride (100 miles)
  • Coming to terms with doing an Ironman and actually be able to finish it!


  1. Hi Kara,

    Really enjoying your blog and looking forward to reading your race report! Well done!

  2. Hi Kara,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was researching Ironman teams in Portland as I'm training for my first one (Louisville, Aug 2011). I currently live in LA, but have a possibility of moving to Portland so was concerned about training support. Thanks for sharing your story as it echos my thoughts too. I'm way early in my training, but constantly freaking out over the enormity of it all. How did you do on your race?