Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lack of December

Well December came and went without much training! I did get in a few swims, rides and maybe one run but I didn't tally my miles since they were nothing to brag about. January is shaping up pretty well so far and since we returned from the Rosebowl I've pretty much stuck to my training schedule.

Trying to fit in all the training is definitely a challenge but I've been getting creative. For instance I have set my alarm for 4:45am for the past few weeks and I've successfully completed one (yes one) morning workout. I was so tired that I almost fell off the spin bike. Then when I went to try some core work, I just sat on a mat and stared at everyone walking by. I am pretty sure people were scared of me. I've also been working out at lunch. Even though I don't have a lot of time, I can get in a 40 min swim or run when needed.

The added bonus of training for an Ironman? I am killing my office "active life challenge". All 24 employees are wearing pedometers and tracking our steps per day. You get points for every mile you walk or run, every 45 minutes you work out etc... So far I have 315 points and the next closest to me has 250. I am pretty sure the winner gets movie about incentive:).

The other added bonus? My dentist thinks I am bulimic! Apparently chlorine, sports drinks, gu's etc... all erode the enamel of your teeth the same way acid does when you vomit all the time. 6 months ago the problem was mentioned and I was asked if I have trouble eating or if I often throw up? Keep in mind, I've never even had a cavity so this is a little shocking for me. I assured the dentist I eat like a man but once again this time around, I was given the lecture on healthy eating and body image! Is my hair falling out? Come on! I am pretty sure when I go back in 6 months they are going to have an intervention. So I might have to quit this whole triathlon thing after my Ironman in order to save my teeth.

My favorite training moment of December was definitely showing up to the gym for a swim and having the Club Sport employee tell me, "we just cleaned and refilled our pool over Christmas but the chemicals have not settled and it's about 7 degrees colder than usual." I of course asked if I was going to end up with some god awful rash or something as visions of the hot tub at Shasta went flying through my brain. She assured me it was perfectly safe.

I figured it would be good practice since the CDA lake will also be murky and cold I am assuming so I jumped in. It was freezing and it's a very weird feeling not being able to see the bottom of the pool or your hands when you're swimming laps. This however was not my favorite part. My favorite part was when I stopped at the wall and speedo man who I was sharing a lane with said, "do you feel like maybe we are either going to get superpowers or grow a third nipple from swimming in here? I hope I get night vision!" What? Who says that? But yes I was thinking the exact same thing.

I am off to LA this weekend to do some tests in a fancy pants triathlon lab. I am sure there will be many a story......until then.

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  1. Hey neighbor,
    I'm a Portlander too, training for Ironman CDA. Just found your blog, and it looks like you and I are about the same speed in the bike and run, so if you're ever looking for someone to run or bike with, let me know. You can find me at