Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Zooma Napa Valley Runner Report: Me

On Saturday I ran the Zooma Napa Valley Half Marathon. It was a great race and a blast running with my fellow ambassadors. Over the past weeks, a few of us did runner profiles of other Zooma participants and last week we were asked to post our own. It's a little late but here goes:

Name: Kara, Bird Legs or Bird to my friends

Age: 32
Current City: San Francisco, CA
Race (10K or half marathon): Half Marathon

Why are you running ZOOMA Napa Valley?  
I was lucky enough to be chosen as an ambassador for this race but I would have run it regardless. It's local, it's my favorite distance, it's in wine country and I've heard great things about the Zooma race series. When they announced the new location in Napa, it was a no brainer.

When & why did you start running?  
I started running in 2006 when I signed up to do an Olympic triathlon with Team in Training. For a few years I only did it as part of tri training. I've only really been serious about running on it's own since 2012. I run because I love the community and experiences running presents. I also love the way I feel when I am done with a run.

How many races have you done & which was your favorite?  
I've done over 50 races (60 if you include triathlons). It's hard to pick but the Napa Valley Marathon which I ran in March was definitely one of my favorites. The course was so beautiful, it was the perfect sized field and I ran a great race. I'd recommend it to anyone considering doing a marathon.

If you could pick one celebrity to run with, who would it be & why?  
Jennifer Aniston because she is my life idol. I am pretty sure we'd be besties if we started running together and she could fill me in on her anti-aging secrets. I know that's ridiculous but I don't apologize for my lifetime celebrity girl crush.

What is your favorite running memory?  
Running Hood To Coast with Team Nuun last year. It will take a lot to top that weekend.

What is your one running must-have?  
My Brooks and my allergy medicine.

What is your favorite post-run indulgence?  
A sandwich in my neighborhood called the SanFranPyscho - honey turkey, gouda, garlic spread etc... and an ice cold 10 Barrel Apoclypse IPA.

Who is your running inspiration?  
All my friends who run, both in real life and in blogger-world. I take pieces of inspiration from each of them. Everyone has different training plans, goals and attitudes towards running. No two runners are the same so I look to different people to inspire me in different areas (training, speed, nutrition, recovery, mental toughness, strategy, fueling, races, attitude etc...). That's what's so great about the running community. Even after years of running, I still learn something new and am inspired daily.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from running? 
It's all about balance.

Check out some of the awesome ambassadors I had the honor of running with this weekend:

Miriam from LongRun Happiness 
Amanda from Running On Waffles 
Katherine from Dream Body Warrior 
Karen from Reason To Play 
Nicole from The Slow Life

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