Monday, April 21, 2014

Marathon Monday

Happy Marathon Monday to all!  I woke up at 5:30 am in order to caffeinate properly before the Boston feed went live at 6:30 am.  This was especially tough after going to bed very late due to the Blazer playoff game going into overtime.  Way tougher than actually running 26.2.  I am all hopped up on sports and emotions.  I just want to run around and talk with whoever will listen about Shalane, Meb, Team Hoyt, the runners who carried the man across the finish, the beauty that is the Boston Marathon and taking back the finish.

Today's outfit (thanks So Cal travel, my skin is no longer translucent)
Instead of creeping everyone out by doing that, I've instead decided to take a look at my week ahead.  I am finally back in town (until Sat) and need to log some miles on the spin bike and hours on the yoga mat if I am going to beat my March totals.  I should also be tapering since I am running Big Sur Marathon on Sunday. No big deal.  It just sorta snuck up on me.  I've had a very lazy relaxed approach to this marathon, only doing two double digit runs since Napa and not mentally preparing at all.  It hit me this morning while watching others cross the finish line that I am also running a marathon this week and that is in fact a big deal.

The good news is every person I mention the race to has the exact same response: "don't push for a PR on this course, just take your time and soak in the scenery."  So that's my plan.  I am going to let Leslie set the pace and I'll try and stay steady and have fun.  And maybe even take a picture or two; first time for everything. The weather is predicted to be low 60's, cloudy and a 20% chance of rain.  Should make for great conditions if that holds true.

Excited to see these views
I am not going to "taper" since I don't have anything to taper down from.  I'll do a few very short runs this week + yoga and spin.  This lackadaisical approach will be coming to an end soon.  I've got some ambitious goals for my running over the next few months.  Many of which were spurred by watching Boston this morning.  I always find it mind-blowing when runners say, "even if I qualified I wouldn't want to do Boston." I just don't understand that mindset.  How could you not want to experience THE race and be part of that community?  I may not get there until I am in my 50's but I know someday I'll be there and I will look forward to and strive for that moment with every step I run.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to my Nuun Hood To Coast teammates: Jenny, Meghan B. and Megan H. who ran some seriously speedy marathons.  These girls are legit runners and people who inspire me daily. Congrats to all three of you and everyone else who ran Boston today.

Someday I'll capture the unicorn


  1. Excited!!! For this weekend, the views, and hopefully good weather!!! OhHH and for our kick-ass finisher medals!
    I didn't get to watch any of the coverage! Stupid!!!

  2. Looks like you ended up having a lot of fun at Big Sur! Can't wait to hear more about it!!