Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NVM - 11 Days Out

After a minor distraction with a potentially horrible but really fun idea to go run an ultra in AZ this weekend, I am re-focused on the marathon:

They ended up filling the spot, which was definitely for the best but it would have been fun.  T minus 11 days until the Napa Valley Marathon.  I am trying not to think about it too much or let the pressure get to me.  It's safe to say I've achieved that since I was wiling to forgo taper to run 30 miles the weekend before the race.

I seem to do my best in races when I don't overthink it and just run.  I don't want to stress too much about plans and the time.  My only real goal is go out slow and hope that when I cross that finish line, my Garmin says < 4:29:59.  Honestly my biggest concern is that we can't wear headphones.  You'd think my biggest concern would be running that last 6 miles but I am VERY used to running with music or someone to talk with.  I apologize in advance to whomever I run stalk and convince them to casually chat with me for 26 miles.

I am looking forward to the experiencing this marathon, it was recently listed by Forbes as a Top Ten Marathon Worth Traveling For:

With a smaller field than most—organizers accept only 2,300 racers annually—the Napa Valley Marathon allows runners some elbowroom. The route runs along the Silverado Trail on the east side of the valley, and winds south from Calistoga down to Napa. The scenery? It’s simply stunning, with views of the valley, fruit trees and dormant vineyards flanked with gold-colored mustard flowers. Except for the last stretch into Napa, this is a rural race—just you, the road and Wine Country. It’s a great race for beginners, as the majority of the course is downhill (with the exception of the oh-so-beautiful rolling hills in the first six miles). Keep in mind that you can’t use headphones, but the picturesque surroundings make up for the lack of tunes. Though this year is sold out, registration for the 2015 race opens on March 3.

Pretty awesome right?  It's been on my race bucket list for a few years and the time has finally come.  Big Sur is on the Forbes list as well so I am knocking out 2 of the 10 this year.  This race will also be a good chance to preview the course for the Zooma Half.   Which speaking of, our ambassador bios are up on the Zooma site, makes it official.  And don't forget, 10% off registration fees, for either distance when you use the code: NAMB10.

To keep my mind distracted we're  heading to Tahoe this weekend to enjoy some snow, skiing-and-hopefully-not-breaking-anything.  One more 10 miler on Sunday, a few short runs next week and then it's go time.


  1. 11 days!! So exciting!! That marathon list looks great!! Only a couple of them are in the US too!! Can't wait for Big Sur!!
    I can't believe you were thinking about Ragnar AZ!! Crrazy town! That is something I would have done! :)

  2. Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you are doing this race? It is on the top of my bucket list. So excited for you and I know you'll do great. Have an awesome race. I'll be cheering you on virtually. xoxo

  3. So awesome! I'm excited for you! See you at the race -- I'll be cheering you on! Not sure when we are heading into town on Saturday for packet pickup, but I'll keep you posted. You've totally got this sub-4:30.