Monday, February 03, 2014

January Recap & SoulCycle Review

January Workout Stats:
4 weight sessions
Running: 88 Miles
Spinning: 43.85
Total: 132 Miles

Nutrition - C
Hydration - B

It's not perfect but it's headed in the right direction.  Last week was rough with the travel and all day meetings.  I did manage to fit in 9 miles with one of my Nuun HTC Teammates around the Davis campus, which was immediately followed by In-N-Out, hence the nutrition grade.

#2 Animal Style
As for trying new things in January, I feel like I nailed that one.  I played my first round of 18 holes of golf, bought a Fitbit (review to follow) and went to a SoulCycle class.  I've been hearing for months that I just had to try Soulcycle and that it's the best workout ever.  I finally decided to see what it was all about.  The text I sent J-Dub post class since she was also debating trying one:

Initial thoughts: Mix of yoga shavasana and intense music video/body pumping exercises.  In the dark which is kind of nice.  Good workout-dripping sweat but the spin class at my gym is almost just as good minus the weights so not worth $30.  Maybe once a month or so with friends.  Not too cult-ish except when the instructor starts chanting and saluting.

SoulCycle SF
 If you haven't done one, here are a few things to know before you go:
  • Bikes are VERY close together so just plan on being crammed in there 
  • You can reserve your bike online - I suggest one near the back/fan for your first class and not directly in front of a speaker (so loud)
  • It starts in the dark and stays pretty dimly lit the entire time
  • You will sweat profusely 
  • It's $30 per class plus $2 for shoes if you need to rent them
  • They have lockers for your stuff and the instructor will get you set up for your first class
  • They do an arm series with weights while on your bike.  I had 2 lb. weights which seemed like a good place to start and my muscles were definitely burning.
  • There is a lot of jumps, pumping etc... that if you're not used to could be tough to follow and keep up with.
I was worried about the cultiness of the class.  Everyone who goes seems to wear the logo-wear non-stop and talk about how it's the only acceptable workout.  Luckily, the instructors were nice and I didn't feel too intimidated.  I get the draw and it was a good workout but not life-changing.  Again I already have the worlds best spin class so I was able to keep up with everything and it was very similar to my regular Monday class.  If you had only done your average 24-hour Fitness spin class before this, I can see why it would be so addicting.  I liked the addition of weights and the meditation in the dark.  I still think the price is ridiculous but considering every class seems to sell out, people are clearly willing to pay it.  Unless friends were going I'll probably just stick with my Monday class.

Has anyone else tried SoulCycle?  What did you think?

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  1. Wow!! Interesting class!! I have never heard of SoulCycle and $30 is ludicrous!! Do people only go to that and not have a regular gym? Can you get a punch card to make it cheaper or is it always $30 no matter how many times you go??!!
    Can't wait to hear about the fitbit!!!