Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Motivation For Your Face: Do as I say....

not as I do.  I don't know why I wrote that title.  I am in a very sassy mood at the moment and it was the first thing that came out of my brain.  You're welcome for my classy and sophisticated writing style.

Anywho, my momentary freakout and take-me-out-of-the-game injury is doing MUCH better.  I successfully ran 17 beautiful miles on Monday morning without any knee pain.

Summer in SF

Ridiculous views on this run

In case you weren't aware, knee recovery threads make the boys come running.

What is happening here?  Knee elephantiasis?
Although my knee felt good, the rest of my body was screaming in pain.  How can you get so out of shape in two weeks?  I mean good god.  I've been like an 80 year old limping around the past 48 hours.

So now what?  If 17 was that hard, I knew I was not going to run 26.2 on Sunday.  Unless crab walking the last 8 miles is an approved form of locomotion, I had to come up with Plan B.  Warning - It's not a good plan but it's a plan nonetheless.

Plan B:
October 20th is the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.  I was excited to participate in this race as a local for the first time and on the 10th anniversary of the race.  Nike once again refused to give us any love through the lottery process.  Nuun to the rescue.  Nuun was given a certain amount of guaranteed entries for their sponsorship and since they couldn't fill them all, they offered them up to the Ambassadors.  We still had to pay the registration fee but at least we could crack into the fortress of Nike's lottery system.  Sound familiar?  Try and try again Nike but you can't keep me out of your races.

I signed up for the half with this girl, thinking it would be three weeks after HMB Marathon and one week after Chicago (which Leslie is running.)  Nice little recovery half.  When I saw HMB wasn't going to happen I e-mailed Nike (or the event group) to see if I could switch to the full.  They said no problem and I would be receiving an updated e-mail stating I was in the marathon and see a charge on my credit card for the additional fee.  Eight e-mails later neither of those things have happened even though they say I've been switched.  So I will either be running 26.2 or 13.1 with Nike on October 20th.  I told you it wasn't a good plan.

I am going to train (healthy knee dependent) as if I am doing the marathon.  I am also going to train at a slow pace because I don't want to further hurt my knee and because I am not anywhere near where I should be 3.5 weeks out from a marathon.  This will be more of a get through it run than anything.  Remember when I said I wasn't going to do those anymore?  Me too.  That's why I am not too worried about the distance fiasco, if I end up doing the half that's probably meant to be.  I have my sights already set on my PR marathon in the future.

So there it is: The Maybe A Marathon Plan.  I am still running the half at HMB this weekend and will be tacking on 7 miles to make it a 20 miler.  The following weekend I am riding a 60 mile bike race which I haven't trained for properly either.  I can't see what could possibly go wrong with this plan.

Also Jenny posted this video on Twitter yesterday and I've watched about 200 times:

Way overdue August Stats:

Running: 68 Miles
Biking: 3.5 Miles
Weights/Core: 30 min
Total: 71 miles (lowest overall mileage month this year)


  1. Sounds like a great maybe-a-marathon plan. Love the motivational video - makes me want to go run. Right. Now.

  2. I am so glad that your knee is feeling better! Take it easy!! Hopefully you will be able to run the marathon at Nike! (that will be a change--me running the half and you running the full) :) Keep positive!!!!! If the marathon doesn't work out you can come run the full in AZ with me in January!!

  3. YAY for your knee starting to feel better! I think you have a good plan here. Have fun with the half marathon this weekend.