Saturday, June 01, 2013

Real Random Updates 101

I am doing Vineman Olympic triathlon tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect.  It's out in the middle of nowhere wine country (the best kind of country) in Monte Rio.  Did you know there was a Monte Rio in CA? Me neither.  It seems a little unorganized because it's the first year.  We've gotten a lot of the "last minute race update" emails.  We are leaving in a few hours to head out and pick up our packets and drop off our bikes and we don't even know where we're staying so it should be a total sh** show.  Also they don't have a published bike course elevation chart etc... so I have no idea what my goal should be.  3:20?  Sure lets go with that.  3:20.  My swim should be faster then WF and so should my run.  So stay tuned for what I am sure will be interesting race report.  

I've sucked at blogging lately because work has been insanity.  Busiest time of the year until after June 11th so I'll get back to more then just race reports after that point.  A few unrelated quick updates I've missed.

I received this little four pack from Nuun.  Besides Strawberry Lemonade, I've never tried any of these flavors so it's a good excuse to expand my palate.  So far I've tried Fruit Punch and I am on board.  It's no Cherry Limeade but it's pretty dang good and fueled my PR last weekend.  I'll keep you posted on Grape and Tropical.  
Also I found out I am on Team Watermelon with some awesome women for HTC and runner #3.  I am excited for a new leg and to be in Van 1 after 3 years in Van 2.  I am also runner 5 in Cascade Lakes and just waiting on the assignment for Ragnar LV Ultra - gulp.

In non-running news, I went to church last week.  Okay technically it was a yoga class but it was in Grace Cathedral.  I'd heard some guys on the cable car talking about how they do yoga every Tuesday in the cathedral and how amazing it was so I decided to give it a try.  Helps that it's 3 blocks from my house.  Hands down one of the top 10 coolest things I've done in this city so far. It's packed so you have to get there early but the instructor is great and the cathedral is gorgeous. It's suggested to donate $10 to the church but they don't turn anyone way. Definitely recommend it if you live or are even visiting SF on a Tuesday.

Yoga on the Labyrinth 
Other than working out we've been continuing our concert tour of the bay area.  I am pretty sure we've gone to more concerts in the past six months than the previous six years combined.  I knocked two items off my bucket list: attending a multi-day music festival and seeing Zac Brown Band live.  Yes I have another bucket list that doesn't just list races...I know I am shocked too.  

We went to Bottlerock in Napa a few weeks ago and saw Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Michael Franti & Spearhead and Kacey Musgraves to name a few.  It was an incredible weekend.  Non-stop bouncing from stage to stage and the great food and wines from Napa didn't hurt either. 

Zac Brown Band

 Jackson Brown by day, Kings of Leon by night
Finally I've been eating my way through the city (I also have a restaurant bucket list - I like lists) and although I could write about food for days, there is one place in particular that needs to be called out.  Brenda's French Soul Food.  Everything on their brunch menu is worth trying - creole eggs benedict - hello!  For starters we had the beignets flight: plain, granny smith apple, chocolate and crawfish.  Died and gone to heaven. 

Fried Southern Donuts

Next I want to go back for Sunday Supper.  Must go now because my mouth is watering and I need to find food ASAP.


  1. Great update on life!! I didn't know that this was a inaugural Vineman!! Not the same/similar course as all of the other Vineman's?? Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. I look forward to hearing how you do! I hadn't heard of this one.

    Yoga in that cathedral looks super awesome. Not sure when I'll be in SF on a Tuesday, but you never's not that far away. :)

    Also, so jealous you saw Zac Brown Band!!!

  3. Yay for our Nuun HTC team and for Vineman. Can't wait to hear how it went! xo