Wednesday, April 17, 2013


There is nothing that I can say that hasn't already been said.  I am shocked, heartbroken, pissed and in total disbelief.  This one hits too close to home.  As a runner you feel like this could have been any one of us or our family members.  In a sense you feel like it was your family members.  I woke up early on Monday to watch Kara & Shalane before heading into work.

I was on a runners high all day just from feeling the Boston excitement that is so palpable you can feel it through electronic media.  It was a USA TODAY "breaking news update" on my phone that alerted me to the explosions and the next few hours/days have been a blur.  I don't really feel like I can say much since I wasn't there and thankfully all of my friends who were are okay.  I can't even begin to grasp what those who were not as fortunate are going through.  Instead some thoughts from others -

I thought Emily said this perfectly:
We don’t yet know why this attack happened. But at face value, this tragedy is so shocking and so disturbing because it was a senseless attack on an event that is not inherently divisive. The beauty of our sport is that it is one of positivity, strength, perseverance and shared accomplishment. Running offers something different to everyone but it is always something that is fueled by good. People use miles to achieve goals they once thought impossible, to reach personal bests, for good health, to help overcome or cope with life-threatening illness, to celebrate the lives of loved ones lost, to raise funds for countless charities close to their hearts, or for the pure joy of spending time with friends who also love lacing up and hitting the road. Running is a sport where competitors are friends and respect one another. 

And I loved Sarah's note about the community: 
The outpouring of support, love, and fiery resilience from the running community has been astounding. I’m so proud to be part of this peculiar connected-in-miles-but-otherwise-completely-unrelated group people. High fives to all of you being awesome and finding the good in this face of evil.

I've been so impressed with the quick reaction of everyone to come together and do something to help and honor.  I was feeling beyond helpless to do something useful at this time of need.  I've gone through all kinds of scenarios in the past 48 hours.  Anywhere from getting on a plane (I have no idea what my plan would be upon landing), to organizing a run, to sending money (which I've done but seems so insignificant), to signing up for the Chicago Marathon and raising money for Red Cross (still debating this one) etc...

For now, I am running 26.2 miles this week in honor of those who can't and just continuing to move forward.  Runners are the wrong group to target; we'll only get stronger, faster and more resilient.  I finally started to feel better last night when I set out on my own for a 15 mile run along the Bay.  There was an unspoken sense of community with every runner you saw and the silent nods of everyone in there race shirts feeling the need to carry on.  I think a lot of people had the same reaction of, what can I possibly do?  I guess I'll go for a run.

15 Miles (of 26.2)

My friend Adam said it well:
Inspired me to register for the Portland Marathon again, despite saying I was never going to run a full marathon again. I was inspired to do so because I will not let the bombing in Boston change what for many people is the accomplishment of a lifetime. I will not let this change what is for so many an inspiration to better themselves, and in turn inspire others. If you have ever thought you might want to challenge yourself to push yourself to run a marathon I encourage you to make this the year. Better yourself and let the person or people responsible for this horrible atrocity know that they cannot beat the human spirit.
I am so far from qualifying from Boston but this week lit a fire that tells me someday and somehow I will get there.  We owe it to those who no longer have that choice.

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  1. I loved this!! I like the idea of 26.2 miles this week. I wonder if I could work that out! PTC was having a run on the waterfront tonight and stupid Hoangie made me stay late at work so I missed it! :( I ran hard for Boston yesterday! :)